L'Oreal Luxe - The KZN Team and Narisha Makka (Regional Manager KZN L'Oreal Luxury)

Dear Anita,

I am writing to you to let you know how much we appreciate the time you spent with our teams in KZN. The color workshop was so inspiring and necessary on so many different levels for not just myself but most importantly to our amazing team.

Your positive energy is so infectious, and your kind humble personality has most definitely touched the hearts of the team. Your openness and transparency have allowed the team to find themselves amongst their team and within themselves. The color workshop was really an array of colors and personalities, the team left the room feeling empowered and positive ready to take on the next challenge in sales and building the team to the next level.

Thank you for your time and bringing a new dynamite dynamic to my power team. I would like to share with you a few messages from the team.

"I learnt a lot about myself that I did not know. I am also now able to identify different personality types personally and professionally. For me it's now easier to make sales through understanding my customers. Thank you for the lesson!" - Lindokhule Brian Zulu

"The color workshop helped me look at myself through the eyes of the team. This opportunity showed me new ways on how to differentiate our customer's personalities." - Calmin Reed Subroyen

"The workshop made me look at customers in a different way and to use the knowledge that we gained from Anita to be better in my role in L'Oreal." - Suvanna Rajpal

"Anita was Brilliant! Her approach presentation and interactive workshop, was inspiring! It was very informative, we all learnt how to deal with different personalities and how to engage with different customers. The Team all got to know each other and understand each other, this brought the team closer with the same vision." - Kuben Naidoo

"The workshop assisted us in identifying our customers as well as our colleagues, and building and maintaining relationships." - Jianalynn Naidoo

"I personally think after the colour workshop, I am able to identify with people differently in a good way. And learning about yourself and how people see you is a good learning experience." - Tanya Moodley

"The workshop was SPOT ON concerning personalities, it has created a better working relationship and a different perspective as colleagues." - Siphosile Bian Nzimande

From The KZN Team and Narisha Makka (Regional Manager KZN L'Oreal Luxury)