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By LifeworX · Jan. 10, 2017 · Life Coaching · 3 min read

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So how do you feel about how your life has turned out? Do you look back and think that you should have or could have done things better, smarter and more efficiently? Do we always go out of our way to prove the system wrong?

We have so many examples of how things have worked for others and how we could improve on the lessons they have already learnt. So why don’t we?

In life it is important to find those people who inspire you and drive you to do great things, no matter what your choice is. So look around you and research the people who could best be your mentor and teacher. Ask questions and get the information that will help accelerate your progress. You are not trying to become them or even compete with them, but rather, you are collecting the clues to the lessons they can teach you.

It is not always necessary to struggle through life all on your own. Learn from others and from their learnt lessons. Be prepared to learn these big life lessons and find your life move to the next level.

There is power in relying on yourself

For me this is learning to be confident in yourself and allowing yourself to make informed decisions and choices. Doubt is poison, so it is a great idea to stay as far away from that as possible. The more choices and decisions you make for yourself, the more you will begin to trust and rely on yourself. Xtraordinary things will begin to take shape in your life.

Empower yourself

This is a matter of experience. The older you get, the more you know and the more you understand yourself. You need to find the things in life that raise your game and make you want to be the best player on your team. Do things that uplift you and push to doing more than you imagined.

Living from the inside out

Learn to live your truth. Be true to who you are and align all your dreams, hopes and desires with what you really want. You need to do what is good for you on every level and not what you think will impress and please others. Do not let outside things define you, but rather be self-reliant and dependable. Know that you can trust the decisions that you make for your future and your well-being.

At the end of the day, let there be no excuses, no explanations, no regrets.

By asking ourselves questions that force us to think, feel, and look within ourselves, we can confront what is important to us. Questions are an invitation to learn more about what we value most. Don’t ever stop asking yourself questions that push you, test you and take you out of your comfort zone. By figuring out the answers it will get you to discover things about yourself that allow you to grow and learn.

You become more connected with the world around you and begin to create relationships with meaning and understanding. Get out of your comfort zone and take a leap of faith. The unknown is often a place that we can find our true selves.


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