What I Offer

I tailor-make specific programs for individuals, groups and companies as I don't believe that one size fits all. From one-on-one sessions to team building to interactive workshops.

Corporate Training

Subject to quotation

What is a Colour Personality Workshop?

This is a fun interactive and get-to-know-your-colleagues workshop. There is a bit of a personality test. You will be able to distinguish what type of colour personality you are and you will be able to identify someone else’s colour personality. This will enable you to know how to talk to them, treat them, and most importantly how to interact with them. With the tools of knowing the different personalities helps curb conflict in the workplace and personal environment, and in return cuts out the stress. We will find out what empowers you on a personal level as well in your workplace. Identifying colour personalities helps in the understanding of why things happen and the way they do. Combined with this a few soft skills you will learn to be more in control of how you: Respond and React and how to better Think Feel Act Having done this with many different groups of people, LifeworX brings you a different angle on how we can make it work both personally and professionally. We thrive on making people “be better at being better” and this interactive workshop will allow you that opportunity.

Life assessment

R 800 per hour

Assessing the various aspects of your life; giving you perspective and a course of action. Teaching you to compartmentalise and to look forward, instead of back. We start breaking down the barriers you have set up for yourself and get to know the authentic you. I will help you establish what you want out of your life, and then help you set goals and more importantly, put a plan in place to achieve those goals.

One-on-one session

R 750 per hour

A 1-hour session. This could be life coaching dealing with topics such as bullying, addiction, leadership skills, motivation, trauma counselling, depression, suicide, death, or just simply that you want to be better at being better! I provide you with the tools to deal with the unfortunate and also fortunate things that happen in life.

Personal Programs

Subject to quotation

Personal Development Course

  1. Find out who you are
  2. Discovering your EQ
  3. Positive mental development
  4. Learning to take action
  5. Personal Power
  6. Re-assessing personal beliefs
  7. Self worth and assertiveness
  8. Understanding expectations
  9. Ten more modules

Marriage Program

Couples will be put through a love challenge. What this entails is for each of them to have a one on one session to establish their needs. This will help with conflicting feelings and give them techniques on how to communicate with each other for the sake of their relationship. They will then have a session together finding out their natural love languages and how to better understand the needs of one another.

There is also the discussion of the 5 dynamics of love which covers the most important aspects of what makes a relationship successful.

Anita doing a workshop at Abercrombie & Kent Travel Agency in Randburg.

Colour Personality Workshop

I am sure you have heard about this by now from friends/colleagues and possibly even done an online test. You might be very sure of your own colour and dying to learn more or would like to know how better to deal with others and maybe learn to understand yourself a bit better.

The benefits of doing this:

  • You can use this in any situation when dealing with people.
  • Assisting you with expressing, connecting and communicating better.
  • Learning how to react better in all situations.
  • Knowing what we can offer others.
  • Learning how to manage conflict.
  • Being more tolerant and understanding of others.
  • Becoming more solution oriented.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotion intelligence is a term used to describe a mental and physiological state associated with a wide variety of feelings, thoughts, and behaviour.

Becoming more emotionally ready means working through the emotions rather than putting them away. Understanding your and others emotions to the best of your ability is a great way of being more in tune with all your relationships.

We help you unpack your experiences subjectively and objective while giving you the tools to deal with disappointment and expectation.

There is a concept to developing your EQ, and it can be summed up by three little words. If these 3 words are used in the correct order, they will save many bad situations: think, feel, act.

Building Relations - Learning the art of communication

This is designed to help you and your group identify where the communication break down has taken place. It will teach you the skills of questioning so that you may get to the bottom of things quicker. Learning to understand non-verbal communication. Teaching you ways of best handling difficult situations. Showing you different ways of interacting with others effectively.

Conflict Resolution

We will cover the different types of conflict. Empower you with tools to handle difficult and volatile situations. Ironing out overthinking and assumptions during conflict. Incorporating real case scenarios. Tips will be given with regards to facilitating a conflict. Going through the social side of conflict in every day LifeworX.

Stress Management

Understanding the difference between distress and eustress Learning how to cope with stress because it does not just go away Teaching the technique of Respond rather than only Reacting Discussing stress triggers and how to avoid them Being prepared for stressful periods in your life.

Motivate Your Team

Motivation is said to be the driving force behind us. It helps us get up and go and take action. Motivation is a very personal thing and not everyone will be motivated the same way. In our experience motivation is also a decision that one makes regarding actions to be taken whether at work or in your personal life. When you feel the desire strongly and you are excited to do whatever it is that you are doing then you will feel that you are really motivated and that comes from within.

We will uncover and discuss what is different for everyone that it is hard to specifically explain what it is and how one gets it, feels it or experiences it.

You will be given tools and strategies to help motivate yourself and your team in fun ways so that the effects are memorable and lasting. You will also learn when and how to use certain techiniques in certain situations.

Purpose and Power

"If you don’t know who you are; how do you know where you are going?"

You will be challenged to do some self discovery which in turn helps you learn about your strengths and weaknesses. Becoming more in line with your self allows you to uncover limitations and beliefs that may have held you back. You will find the rights tools, skill and techniques to empower and embrace your true talents and capabilities. You learn to convert your dreams into a reality.

Working towards an incredible self belief, self confidence and will power will give you the edge you need to move forwards with your purpose no matter how big or small.

Discovering all that you need to trust yourself and others and knowing what an opportunity looks like and how to approach it. Helping you with a push and a shove in the right direction. Being asked the relevant and the right questions, this will give you an opportunity to talk and discuss topics that interest you and soon you will have the courage to take the next step.

We will work on the four d's: discipline, determination, dedication, drive, dependability.

Being a Better Manager / Leadership Skills

Firstly we will break down the differences between what a manager and a leader are.

We will discuss the different managing techniques and find the style that you work with the most. Establishing whether you enjoy your style and get good results from yourself and your team. Once we have done that we will break all the styles up. This will allow you to learn different skills that you can take back to your team.

There is a difference. Managers, well, manage people. They sort out what it is that has to be done, and then make sure the right people do it. Leaders, however, share a unique vision with people and supply the necessary values and skills to move people to really want to accomplish things; leaders touch people emotionally. If you consider yourself a leader, or are interested in becoming one, you must first understand that becoming a good leader is a process, one that never ends. We will give you guidelines, tips and tools to get you to become a better manager by becoming a better leader.

Being a good leader means so many different things. Each and every situation is different but there are definitely underlying similarities that show what a good leader is all about. Firstly understanding your own strengths and weakness will help you understand your own personal leadership skills. You will then be open to developing new skills. A good leader is trusted and cares about their team. Finding ways for you to get your team to believe in you and learn from you is critical and this is done with them trusting you and in you. They will want to know that you have their backs in sticky situations. We will help you develop goals, techniques, processes, action plans in maintaining good time management and success rates. Learning good leadership skill is also determining what you need to do to make your team believe in you and your ability. Good leaders can learn to lead without the title.

Company Culture (TUG)

This is a great thing to do with any group of people because it is fun and it really points out how horribly wrong we get communication. This is a technique which works for any one where there are more than one person involved. It points out obvious trouble making talk which we know as gossip and back stabbing. It will help you realise that when we engage in the wrong way we are creating the wrong climate for talking out of turn. Being aware of our spoken word is one of the best ways to create a happy and comfortable environment.

Family Dynamics

Making a safe space for family members to express themselves and to get to the bottom of issues causing them distress.

You Have Got the Power

This is a great opportunity to explore where your personal power lies. Having the understanding of taking back your power and finding your voice is a very empowering topic to discuss. Learning about yourself and how to get the best out of you is worth unpacking. It is a journey worth exploring even if you are already in a good space because we forget and get lazy and life takes over. It is time to take back and take action of your thoughts, feelings and actions.

Mission Statements and Goals

Finding a mission statement means that you choose words or a phrase or slogan or tag line that you can live by and follow. Find the right words that resonate with you and that make you feel inspired and motivated is very important. Once you have done that it becomes Your thing. You then learn to apply it to everything that you do personally and professionally. This becomes a very powerful tool for you to call on at any time to be reminded of when you did feel in control and powerful.

Then we move on the SMART goal setting. Discussing what you want and why you want it get these goals down on paper. Prioritising your goals and intentions and setting out a plan of action to achieve them.

It is so important to be excited about your goals because then you will be motivated to achieve them. Being excited about your goals will fuel your imagination. You cannot allow yourself to be stuck in the past. So make new goals for yourself and work on achieving them. Life is great! Life is challenging! Life is yours to live and be happy with!

You need to know what your ideal goal is before you can take action.. You need to make clear and conscious choices about how you want your life to be. You will learn how to write down your goals and a process of how to take action once we have defined them and given your goals clarity.

Taking Accountability

This course will help clarify what accountablility is both personally and professionally. Helping you find ways to instill and incorporate this skill in your life and also your team. We will help you devise a list of requirements that show you and your team what is needed to be accountable. We will create an opportunity for you discuss with your team and others surrounding the taking ownership through accountablity and what that actually means to you your team and all realtionships in general.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis is a useful technique for understanding your Strengths and Weaknesses, and for identifying both the Opportunities open to you and the Threats you face. Used in a business context, a SWOT Analysis helps you carve a sustainable niche in your market. Used in a personal context, it helps you develop your career in a way that takes best advantage of your talents, abilities and opportunities.

What makes SWOT particularly powerful is that, with a little thought, it can help you uncover opportunities that you are well placed to exploit. And by understanding the weaknesses of your business, you can manage and eliminate threats that would otherwise catch you unaware.
 More than this, by looking at yourself and your competitors using the SWOT framework, you can start to craft a strategy that helps you distinguish yourself from your competitors, so that you can compete successfully in your market.

Strengths and weaknesses are often internal to you or your organization, while opportunities and threats generally relate to external factors.


By now you probably know that quitting a habit or achieving an important goal can be extremely difficult. You could go crazy trying to succeed at just one seemingly simple thing, only to fail again and again.

You may have already given up on yourself. But don't quit just yet- there is a way to begin living the life you want and more. And I am going to show you how to do this.

You really truly have everything you need already inside you.
You can achieve anything you want - and all you have to do is train
your mind to work with your subconscious mind.

It's like training for success.

And creating power shows you how to get the most out of yourself and your inner powers - so that life becomes easier and more fulfilling.

Before you can begin achieving your goals, you first have to know what you want - and that means you need to get focused.

Getting Focused.

If you want to achieve your goals, improve your life, enjoy life or discover your true calling - whatever it is you want to achieve you first have to decide what is important and then come up with a plan.

The techniques you will learn will teach you how to think positively and how to put what you want into action. Taking action is the one thing that will accelerate the law of attraction and what you consider to be important and possible. You will begin to understand that what you are inviting into your life is up to you. The control you will get through learning this is priceless.

First Impressions

Creating a good first impression is definitely to your advantage. You will discover your brand and will be able to work towards more of what you already have that you may not have discovered yet. You will find more techiniques to self discover. Learning to be authentic so that you can become consitent in your ways. Working on these dynamics will create a great and memorable first impression.

  1. The way you talk and the things you say.
  2. Your appearance.
  3. Your pitch, tone and degree of enthusiasm.
  4. Confidently assertive.

Communcation Strategies

Communication impacts all relationships whether professional or personal. Making this a fun and playful way of exploring all or more of your communication options.

We can say with confidence that many of our employees are happier in the workplace being able to better understand and react to their colleagues personalities, making them appear more agreeable and helpful to each other. Having gone through the Colour Personality Workshop we are all committed to choosing better words and different ways to express ourselves - a very big thank you to LifeworX for helping us 'be better at being better'

— Abercrombie & Kent Senior Management Team

Motivational talks

Price to be discussed

I'm not afraid of any topic! “Nothing is impossible – the word itself says “I’m possible!” – Audrey Hepburn. I truly believe these are words to live by – but life can sometimes beat us down, everyday stress and pressure eats away at our motivation and drive, and we’re left feeling withered and exhausted. It’s during these times that we could all do with a little “pep talk”. By infusing my humour, energy and passion for life into each motivational talk I give, I aim to encourage and inspire my listeners, to reinvigorate their belief that anything is indeed possible.

Couple sessions

R 800 per hour

A 1-hour session. Assessing your relationship. Learning about the love languages. Learning how to uncover your lover; the dynamics of love / relationships. Forward planning and a plan of action. I also do marriage counselling and an intense marriage program.


Subject to quotation

I bring a neutral and objective viewpoint to any situation. I know how to handle sticky situations and I will give you the tools to move forward from an incident.


Subject to quotation

I started doing weddings when one of my clients approached me to officiate their wedding, and without any hesitation I said yes. I only realized what I had agreed to when I had time to let it all sink in, but it was an amazing experience! Since then, two more couples have approached me for their weddings and we are very excited! Contact me if you are interested in having me for your special day!

Team building

Subject to quotation

I can do team building sessions at your company, but I can also offer a venue with a capacity of 12 people.


R 270 per hour (groups)
R 270 per private lesson

I began my career as a professional tennis coach. Through this, I have traveled extensively. This has given me invaluable knowledge and insight into a multitude of behavioral patterns.

I offer 30-minute private lessons or a group of 4 players for an hour.