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A man balancing on a log

Balance is a positive word – it is a picture that is in proportion, has equal parts, it is at peace. 

The other day someone mentioned something about balance being two equal forces pulling in opposite directions. This got me thinking.

The forces have to be equal, otherwise you are being pulled one way.  The picture of the static scale, having equal weights on both sides to stay level is not what I am thinking at the moment.  This is not a static thing. It is most definitely something dynamic – Two opposite forces are pulling, exerting some kind of pressure to make the scale stay level.  In life this could translate into a situation, where we have to work out how far we are willing to go in order to not over-balance and fall over at the end of it. In life, we definitely do not want to be static and at rest, but be outgoing, energetic and search for these forces that tend to pull us in different directions.  It is up to us to decide how far we shall be pulled in one direction and what we have to do to still stay in balance with the rest of our life.

This is such a good way of looking at life.  You have to experience things, explore, be active, change, manage situations in order live and to be pulled in any direction and not stay static.  It is up to you to decide how far and in which direction you are willing to go. 

There are always two sides to a good story.  This is the same with any situation in life. Can you ever get enough of a good thing??

So as with everything in life you need to make a decision as to where your balance will take you.  Are you content to get the balance right and stay there??  Or are you constantly setting new goals and hoping to achieve them and somehow adjust your balance on a higher level??

As we are all unique, so is our balance.  What I might consider a balanced Lifestyle, might not suit you as an individual.  You are in charge of your dreams and goals and to find your own balance according to those.

This is quite a reassuring thought!   Be prepared to be pulled into new directions – re calculate and re adjust your goals and work on achieving a new balance. 

The main thing is:  Keep on dreaming, setting goals and finding your own balance.



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