Casual Conversation in the Workplace.

By LifeworX · April 16, 2018 · Corporate · 2 min read

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Casual conversation in the workplace... Something to talk about?

What’s your take on casual conversation in the workplace? Do you encourage it? Do you participate in it? Or, do you choose not to involve yourself?

Here are a few tips on how to be effective in the workplace.

Some might think that spending time talking to people about this and that, serves little purpose but to waste time.  I think that having conversations, even of the most casual kind with the people you work with, is imperative. To connect is one of the most fundamental elements of building strong and meaningful relationships.

As a leader in the workplace, you should know this...

When you engage in chit-chat with people that you work with, you are giving yourself and an opportunity to know them beyond what is written on their CV.

If you think it is not important to know people as long as they do the job, then you could be missing something.  Strengths and weaknesses are definitely something that can be worked on, but only if you make the effort to learn about them. You can then carry out the correct training that may be needed to elevate them in their role.

Having casual conversations with the people you work with allows you the opportunity to know more about their true talents, experiences and skills. This also helps you see what they are capable of and what potential lies within them.  You can really be very effective with what you know.

Relationships are built on casual conversation where people get to relax and find out more about one another and there is definitely strength in that.

Try not to discourage the casual chat amongst your staff, rather watch the interaction and learn from it. You will be able to place people better in teams so that there is rather strength and understanding build.

People who know each other on a more personal level are more likely to support each other and lend a hand to get the job done. The tip to having people engage and share with you is when you meet them halfway. Having good EQ (emotional Intelligence) is knowing what to share and what not to share.

So take action and read some books, take some courses and do a workshop or two and learn more about yourself and others. Improve your EQ and become that awesome person that people would be great in any relationship.

So get out there and enjoying getting to know others and work on what we all need to work on EQ and Communication.


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