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By LifeworX · Jan. 6, 2018 · Q&A · 5 min read

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Life sometimes can be going in the right direction. Just the right amount of motivation and enthusiasm and suddenly something takes you by surprise. You often can't even figure out what went wrong or how you suddenly became derailed.

I notice with my clients and myself that we should constantly assess our lives. All too often a client will have a session and leave all pumped up and I don’t see them for months on end. Don’t forget that even if you don’t send your car in for a regular service it too will have its problems.

Often a maintenance session has some tough questions that need to be answered. I thought I would share just a few of the questions and answers from one of my clients during their session to show you just how a session can push you out of your comfort zone and challenge you. 

On every level, you will be supported and pushed to accomplish what it is you need to work on.


Clients Answer                                                                         Life coaching response 

I need to take control                                                              Remember to not try to control the uncontrollable

To stop feeling lonely                                                              Even having the wrong people around is lonely

Improve my time management                                             Get to your priorities first

Get my priorities in order                                                        Without a list they mean nothing

Manage my finances better                                                   Have a genuine budget and stop pretending

To try and like me                                                                    Making your life work usually accomplishes this

Work on my self-esteem                                                        Stop disappointing yourself, get things done

Make things happen                                                               You may need a supporter that helps you keep track

Concentrate on my fitness and health                                 Do it with someone, it’s a commitment

Work harder on my goals                                                        If you really want something it isn't work



Clients Answer                                                                         Life coaching response

The feeling that life isn’t going to change                           Well it all depends if you want the change or not

My insecurities                                                                         We all have them. Discussing them objectively will give you perspective

Stop feeling sorry for myself when around others             You will always have something they want and admire in you, don’t fool yourself

who seem to have it all

Always feeling that I have to be there for everyone           Would you really like this to change or does it make you feel good too? Find a balance

Working through the death of loved ones                           You can never get over such losses but learning to keep their memory alive is key

That I am worth it and can make a difference                    Feeling sorry for yourself is not going to get you there, of course, you can MAKE a difference

Feeling that I have to prove myself to everyone                This is so tiring and most of the time it is in your head. Expectation is often dangerous

 It’s okay to be alone                                                               Getting to be at peace with yourself is a tough thing but it is a continuous journey of SELF

It’s okay to have my own dreams and to make                  Don’t let anyone steal your thunder. Go for it ……. All of it

 them a reality

The sense that I am losing control                                       That is when you need to stop take time out and get back to basics

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