Life’s Courage and Conviction.

By LifeworX · March 5, 2018 · Life Coaching · 2 min read

Grafitti on wall. Reads "Courage".

Courage – daring, audacity, bravery
Conviction – a firmly held belief or opinion

Your beliefs and value systems contribute to your behaviour and decision making.

How do you make your decisions?

Are you a person who knows what you want?

Can you always see a situation in black and white?

Can you weigh up the pros and cons objectively and make a speedy decision?

Do you procrastinate or are you quick to the draw in knowing which way to go?
I struggle with decision making. What is it that I can’t seem to get right?
Is it that I want to explore every possible opportunity and not miss out on the either or…? also known as FOMO.

Am I too flexible that I could go either way and be happy with the consequences?

Do I not feel strongly either way or am I just adaptable to whatever situation materialises?
So is this a weakness or rather a strength of character?
One thing is for sure – I am definitely NOT an impulsive person, I would like to think of myself rather as a rational person. That means I am fairly consistent and mellow with it.

On the other hand, if I was more decisive, would I be more interesting? More unpredictable? More forceful?
Is all of this a character trait or something I have learnt while growing up?
I do think the tendency to be a fence sitter was in my genes, possibly strengthened by the people I grew up with. I am not opinionated or wear my heart on my sleeve! I am rather quiet, and try to fit in. Is this a bad thing?

There is nothing wrong with fitting in, but if you are procrastinating and this hampers your progress in any way, it is time to take a good hard look at your options and make a concerted effort at getting to a point where you can make a decision, as to which way to go for maximum personal benefit.

So where do you fit in?? Do you make decisions easily and speedily? Do you weigh up all your options or do you go with the first viable option? Do you need to manage your decisions, because you didn’t weigh up all your options before you ended up in a situation?

Maybe in all of this, I have helped you either identify with me on the procrastination issue or, on the other hand, get a better insight as to how other people make or struggle to make a decision.

At the end of the day, please remember:
Take a good hard look as to where it is you want to go. Make a decision to reach your goal, come what may. From then on it should be easy to manage your decisions to keep you on track to reach your goal.

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