Parents in Denial

By LifeworX · June 26, 2017 · Life Coaching · 2 min read

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Parents covering for their children and are often in denial as they don’t know how to react in helping them. This is what parents face when their teenagers go through adolescence. Tips from the teenagers themselves on how to help parents and teachers deal with their issues of growing up. What things they face and their warning signs.

Issues teens face that parents do not understand or just cannot handle:

  • Are their teens really from the dark side? What phases and groups teens are pressured into? The “Emo” teen and what it represents. How parents can read warning signs such as piercings, clothing choices, music preferences, extensive time on social media and telltale signs of other unusual behaviour.
  • Are they just teens in trouble, crying out for help and looking for attention? What kind of attention are they looking for and how to help them. Is this just a phase that parents should allow their teens to go through and just be there to support them. What type of compliments teens turn into negative emotions?
    drug and substance abuse. What their reasons are and their justifications for these acts.
  • What do teenagers need from their parents? Tips on helping your children find their purpose in life. How to be supportive. Various ways of presenting research and facts to their teens in a supportive way.

My focus is to give parents a close-up and personal encounter with truths from teenagers themselves. Guidelines for dealing with teens of their own. A heads-up on new trends. What substances are presently being used and abused?

This information has been gathered from years of working with teenagers. There are issues that are covered in my article that would help parents understand the mind of a teenager. This article will include – websites, books to read and support group information.

An interview with one particular teenager who has opened up and given her story on real-life issues. Also how she overcame drug addiction, sexual problems, suicide attempts and even self-mutilation.

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