Take Action Against Anxiety

By LifeworX · Aug. 28, 2017 · Life Coaching · 2 min read

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Being a child did not involve responding to any situation or event. It was mostly about placing oneself at the effect rather than the cause. You would cry and scream for the ice cream or milk you spilt on the floor, only to calm down when a new one was handed to you. Over the years, experiencing our own responsibility and vulnerability has become the order of business. This is how everyday anxiety has come about. We now dread festive seasons and any other event in our lives like a plague and end up not living from the inside-out. Coping with everyday anxiety is a major task that has to be willingly undertaken. This, as a result, makes it extremely important to learn how to take action over everyday anxiety.

What Makes Us Anxious?

The Oxford Dictionary defines anxiety as a feeling of nervousness, worry, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome or a strong desire or concern to do something or for something to happen. We’ve all had those anxious and uncomfortable moments. A ton of things makes us anxious every day, and the major difference comes in how we decide to deal with our situations. Most things that make us anxious are common to everyone. For starters, anxiety is a natural reaction to challenging and fearful situations in life. It could be an encounter with a lion, preparation for a job interview, hosting a bunch of new people, venturing into something for the first time, the list is endless...

Effects of Everyday Anxiety

Anxiety has a couple of effects to our everyday lives. Health effects definitely top the list. Most anxious people end up turning to drugs such as smoking to calm them down. The result of smoking is general knowledge. Furthermore, anxiety tends to deprive affected people of ample sleep, which results in personal and professional setbacks. Everyday anxiety makes you withdraw from social life. This is not healthy. Anxiety is often debilitating and you stop growing and learning.

Taking action over anxiety

The first milestone towards fighting everyday anxiety is identifying the uncontrollable parts of your life and acknowledging how you feel. If a group of people make you anxious, learn how to avoid them and say no. Making prior plans is a great anxiety self-help strategy. Planning an event that makes you anxious could give you enough time to set aside your differences and be prepared. This goes hand in hand with making and sticking to a budget. Financial setbacks are a major cause of everyday anxiety. There are severe anxiety cases, which would call for professional help and probably a life coach. Health experts argue that physical exercise plays a huge role in combating everyday anxiety. Physical activities help boost the immune system and stabilize hormonal imbalances.

Living From the Inside Out

Too often we define ourselves by material possessions and titles. This is not sufficient. Achieving our inner well-being and living in the moment is the true source of happiness and a great way to not be a victim of events. Live love, love life!


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