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By LifeworX · Jan. 10, 2017 · Life Coaching · 2 min read

Girl running in a park.

Movement worX if you make the effort.

Are you getting wider instead of wiser?

Do you feel you are getting stiffer as you get older?

Why is the best day to start a diet always... tomorrow?

We all have to make a concerted effort to stay active.

What do you remember most about your school days?

Was it that one special teacher or the particularly boring one? The good time you had going on trips or was it the fun you had with your fellow students playing sport, being part of a team or was it the interesting science experiments?

For me, school days most definitely revolved around the games we played during break times and the afternoon sport sessions we enjoyed. Being young for my grade and fairly shy, and possibly not the brightest kid in the classroom, I lived for these times. Running around and being part of any game, being able to outsmart the smarty pants from the classroom because I was sporty, keen to be part of any team and happy to participate in the organised sport that was happening after school.

I learnt that I liked being on a team, planning tactics and working out new rules.

As my status as a good team player grew, my self-confidence grew and I found my passion in life.

I found out what I was good at on the sports field. It has been an awesome journey for me, I enjoy lots of different sporting activities, I try to share my passion with the youngsters I teach at school and I still set myself new physical challenges every year. The fortunate thing about all of this is, that with increasing age- that seems to creep up on you - I can say I am still fit and healthy and I love getting up early and enjoy exercising - and I am staring the big five-zero in the face.

Movement worX if you make the effort.


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