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By LifeworX · July 15, 2017 · Life Coaching · 2 min read

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How do you feel about where you are and where you are going? It is a good thing to keep reaching for what you want.  At times we need just the right bit of wisdom to put the right dose of perspective into our lives, our thoughts and ultimately our goals.  I believe that the Wisdom is in the question.  The right questions can evoke just the right answer we may be looking for, to get us moving in the direction we need to be going.

We need a good push at times, to move us into the right new head space to achieve what it is you want in your world.  I would like you to try these questions. Here are some thought provoking questions to let you reflect and possibly evaluate where you are, where you are going and if life is working for you.

We would love to get some feedback from you!

See if any of these questions engage or challenge you.

The ones that do, possibly need some more of your attention.

  1. What things in life give you the most pleasure?
  2. What satisfies you?
  3. What has been most challenging?
  4. How do you feel you handle tough situations?
  5. At any stage have you felt like giving up and starting again?
  6. How many times have you needed to get started on a project?
  7. What is holding you back from taking your next biggest step?
  8. Who is your best go to person?
  9. Why?
  10. What are you most proud of?
  11. Who are you concerned about what they think?
  12. When last did you do something for yourself?
  13. What do you need to pay more attention to?
  14. Are you disciplined enough to achieve the things you want in your life?
  15. When all is said and done would you have said more than you have done?

We all get a little lazy with ourselves and our lives.  Work on becoming more proactive and that means take action when you know you should.   You can't expect life to reward you if you never really do anything about it. Take your control of the things you can and be responsible for the choices you are making.  


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