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Consider Yourself Considerate?

By LifeworX · March 26, 2018 · Life Coaching

Text on a big container of some sorts that reads, "THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK. READ BEFORE YOU THINK.".

Do you consider yourself to be a considerate person?  Would you like others to see you as a considerate person?  Is it part of your vocabulary or value system?

Do you consider inconsiderate people?

If everyone would be a bit more considerate to themselves as well as to others, the world would certainly be a far better place? 

The word considerate stems from “consider”.  Which is what you do when you show careful thought, you need to think about or analyze things.   Showing careful thought, being attentive, thoughtful, solicitous, mindful and heedful.  Acting with empathy and thought is not a bad thing.

We tend to live our fast-paced life and squeeze so many activities into each day, we tend to forget that others are doing the same and also need consideration.  Road rage is on the increase and in some cases so extreme it is hard to understand.   Do we take the time to be mindful in our day to day activities?  Do you waste energy getting irritated about other inconsiderate drivers?  Would you like others to be more considerate?

How do you ‘make’ people more considerate?

I think the most important thing to take into account is just to be aware of others and go back to the saying:  “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.  We all want to be treated fairly, we want to be seen, acknowledged and respected.  One practical way to do this is to imagine ourselves in their shoes.  When we pause to think how we might like to be treated in a certain situation, we build empathy for those actually living in that situation.

So next time you sit behind the slow car that is going 40 in the fast lane, be patient.  Do not lose your cool – the 3 minutes you will get to your destination later are not going to be life-altering.

Being considerate with how you manage your life is also a fundamental part of your own personal wellbeing.  Like charity, I think consideration starts at home.  Be kind to yourself once in a while.  Let your guard down and relax.  Be disciplined but not too strict with your own lifestyle. 

So I guess the message is:  take a time out and reflect on your behaviour towards yourself and others.  Chances are you can make your life and that of others a little bit more tolerant and enjoyable. 

Consider your options and live life love life.