Why a Life Coach?

By LifeworX · Jan. 10, 2017 · Life Coaching · 2 min read

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Life is constantly changing and testing us. It is of the utmost importance to learn ways of dealing with the change and finding methods of coping with them. Allowing these changes to happen without fighting them as opposed to, learning to adjust with them, is a state of mind and attitude. Giving yourself a chance to process things logically and realistically will be of great importance to how you eventually handle the situation.

Often, we confuse situations with people and then we make it personal. This too needs to be addressed, as we cannot continue blaming others for the life we are living. I want to help you grow stronger and give you the life tools that you need to help you manage your situation and give you ideas and suggestions on handling the way you allow things to affect the way you feel about yourself and your life.

Just as you would go to a chiropractor when your back is out of alignment or to a physiotherapist when you have a pulled muscle, so you should consider a Life Coach to assist you in putting things into perspective before they become too much to handle. Finding someone who will see your life objectively and help find solutions that you may have overlooked is important in ensuring how well you manage your life.


Once you have identified areas of your life that are out of balance it is much easier to address them with an open mind and heart. Sometimes the truth regarding changes and decisions that need to be made may hurt and confuse you, but soldier on and you will soon reap the rewards of the choices you begin to make regarding issues you may have been ignoring.

For many of us, procrastination is our biggest enemy. “Never put off today what you could’ve, should’ve or would’ve done yesterday or you may still only do tomorrow.” Be proactive in your own life and start working on things now without delay. Also, ownership of the very things that make you feel out of control is the very thing that you are too often afraid to address and tackle.

So what would your life’s heartbeat look like? Come and find out...?


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