Flick the Switch!

By LifeworX · Oct. 22, 2017 · Life Coaching · 2 min read

Many switches on a wall.

It is all about flicking the switch. Exactly what do I mean by that?

No matter what is going on in your life, you have the ability to flick the switch in your head that holds you back from living a happy life.

Issues are real and real is often complicated and confusing.  Most of us struggle to move from a negative space to a positive one.  You certainly can’t live a positive life with a negative mind, and this is where flicking the switch will come in handy.

Once you have made the decision to change the way you process or handle a situation, everything else will change.  It is in your power to make the decision to stop letting external things and people control you and the way you are feeling.  It is up to you to be strong-willed and set your mind to being in control of your happiness.  

You might not be able to change a situation when it happens, but you sure are in control of how you let it affect and overpower you.  Make that decision and flick the switch. You have the power and ability to do that.

So here are a few situations I have overcome by learning to flick the switch.

I went from:

  • feeling like I wasn’t relevant in certain situations TO being more sure about what I think, feel and do.
  • having control of my negative thoughts TO making sure that I keep busy, active and trying to flood my thoughts with positivity.
  • not feeling confident around certain people TO making a point of empowering myself with things that interest me and make me feel good.
  • Being afraid of speaking out when there is an issue with someone TO learning how to be more carefrontational than confrontational.
  • a simple thing like worrying about having a rough or bad day TO changing my attitude towards that feeling and being more grateful.
  • complaining about things TO finding something good to talk about so that I don’t draw others down with me.

So to sum this up:  It is up to you how you decide to flick the switch.  Your mind and your thoughts are totally in your control so take back control of how you are managing your stresses and negativity.  #TakeActionNow


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