Changing Times

By LifeworX · Jan. 10, 2017 · Life Coaching · 2 min read

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I sent a message to a client tonight and it got me thinking. What it said was, “I used to be scared of change but now I get scared when things don’t change!”

For most people we don’t like major changes because let's admit it, we are really scared of the unknown. If you think about what is scary for you is often the commonplace for someone else.

So this may help you cope with change in a better way.

Change will always happen – these changes happen whether you like it or not. Change is constantly happening in your life, sometimes without you really even noticing, as they are not affecting you directly or in any substantial way. Nevertheless, we have constant change in our daily lives that are often out of our control. Before this beats you, try and work on accepting that change will always be a constant in your life.

Change can be what you have been waiting for – you need to stay positive and welcome what comes your way. This will protect you from disappointment. If you find a reason why change has occurred in your life to fit a more positive outcome, you will find one. I can only use a personal experience here; I was high-jacked and shot at a few years ago and since then I have changed my life on every level for the better. If you let change help shape a better life for you it will.

Change is often going to be unexpected – sometimes that comfort zone that we all love so much gets disrupted by the unfamiliar and untimed things. Flexibility is key here, after all being pushed out of your comfort zone will help you grown and learn. Resilience is mental toughness at its best. There are four pillars of resilience.

1. Maintaining a positive attitude

2. Formulate goals and take action.

3. Overcoming problems effectively, using proper decision-making strategies. 

Practising forgiveness regularly and consistently.

So what I have learnt is the CHANGE = GROWTH. 


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