Life Happens!

By LifeworX · Dec. 3, 2017 · Life Coaching · 2 min read

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It's lovely when life just happens. You begin to learn all the valuable lessons that, right now, maybe don’t make sense to you, but they shape you and make you the person you are and eventually they will make you the one person you really want to be if you let these lessons in.

If you take every incident and blow it out of proportion, which at the time seems so huge, it will always get the better of you! Put a stop to that immediately and find a way to be resilient. Bouncing back after a tough situation is a skill that you will need throughout your life.

When something happens in your life and you feel that you've had a setback of some kind, look deeply and realise you just learnt a very valuable life lesson. From this point on you've got a reference point on how you managed and handled a situation that you are now familiar with. It is really great at this point not to run away from this situation, rather face up to what needs to be done.

I said something out loud in one of my workshops the other day. I said “try and like people even when you don’t”. That was quite a statement but I will say this, when I tried it myself, I was pleasantly surprised. Coming to terms with the fact that I did not actually like the person who was in front of me, but trying to anyway, made all the sense in the world. I realised that I was not owned or controlled by the facts that drove me to not like them. I could see past that and actually get down to the very business that was more important than liking someone anyway. I was confident, assertive and to the point. There was no fluffy stuff and I was able to remove the emotion I started out with.

So when you need to get the job done and you have all these obstacles in the way try to not procrastinate...

Oh and, by the way,  the word procrastination is not a word: if you really wanted to do something for whatever reason you needed to, you would do it.  It’s only when we have better things to do that we don't get stuck into the things that are important or difficult.  Remember what is important to you is not necessarily important to others and vice versa.  

Make sure you get the job done... You only get one chance at life so keep on being better at being better.


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