There Was Once a Little Boy

By Guest · July 28, 2018 · Life Coaching · 2 min read

a little boy looking down on a wooden board at a heart

There was once a little boy. The little boy went up to his dad and asked, "dad how do you know if you love someone?" The dad replied, "you get an amazing feeling inside of you, like all your pain and worries have been lifted off your shoulders and you have been given happiness and energy." The son then asked the dad to explain why the father loved his wife. The father answered and then curiously asked, "why did you ask those questions?" The son told his dad, "The first question was because I felt something different inside me, just how you explained love to be. The second question was because I wanted to know how you felt towards mom." The father slowly understanding what the son meant, then asked if the son was in love. The son replied, "Yes dad, I really like one of my friends but I don’t know what to do.”  The dad told the son to tell the girl subtlety how he felt. The son agreed to do so and thanked his dad. The next day the son came home crying, the dad was curious and asked his son what was wrong. The son told his dad, "I told my friend how I felt and she just turned away and went and asked a different guy if he wanted to date her. She didn’t care about me."
 The father decided to teach his son an important lesson. He told his son, "If someone loves you, they will love you for who you are. If they leave, then they're not worth it. Someone who loves you, won’t leave." The son replied with, "then why did mom leave you?" The dad knelt down and said, "She didn’t leave me, she gave up her life to keep you alive. So she is always with us, she in here." The son looked at his heart and asked the dad, "I have her heart?"

 ...the father grabbed his son, held him tightly in a hug and said, "yes, you do have her heart"


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