2018 Here We Come!

By LifeworX · Dec. 31, 2017 · Life Coaching · 3 min read

Fireworks being shot into the sky.

It's important that we continue to be better at being better. So here's a little homework. If you are serious about self-improvement or a better life you should write these down. Send it to me and let me make sure the things you want actually get done. Let me witness and help motivate you to reach your goals.

Too often these things land up in the bottom drawer or stored in a file on your phone. When you try to think of them you then can't seem to remember where you wrote them down or what they were all about. By the time you realise what some of your goals were your realise that you are halfway through the year and still looking for them.

My question to you is how serious are you? If you don’t spend time on the very things that you want and will make your life better, then you certainly can't expect anything to change. Making changes mean that you can look forward to being a part of your own personal growth and not letting things happen to you by accident. Having goals not only means what you want but also stopping things you don’t want. Write them down, look at them and put some sort of plan of action towards them to make it more realistic.

It's great to have someone support, remind and push you when you need it!

WhatsApp it to me (082 4555 399) or send it to me at anita@lifeworx.co.za.

Bring on the big changes for 2018

  • 10 personal goals.
  • 10 professional goals.
  • 5 new things you want to try/take up.
  • 5 habits you want/need to change.
  • 3 people you need to stop seeing.
  • 3 people you want to spend time with.
  • What your main theme for 2018 is?
  • What outcome are you looking for?
  • Why are you looking for that outcome?
  • 3 realistic materialistic goals.
  • 5 things you should sell or get rid of.
  • 2 words you want to stop using.
  • 2 words you want to start using.
  • 5 changes to your budget.
  • 5 things that you know will make you better at being better.
  • 2 things you have time to take up.
  • 2 things you want to give up.
  • 2 foods you want to stop eating.
  • 2 foods you want to start eating.
  • What would possibly make you live your best life?

So here's to the best year of your life because you're taking it more seriously now that you have decided to do this bit of reflecting and planning. You will get the best balance out of your life by being honest and taking a real interested approach to your life and what you want.

You will get the best balance out of your life by being honest and taking a real interest in your life and the things you want.

New opportunities lie in front of you now and when you de-clutter you will see them for real. You can take action when you are surer of the action that needs to be taken.

Give this a go and you will be pleasantly surprised by how you are more in control of your life and especially your time. That is one thing you can't get back when you realise that you should have done more about it (and with it) by being more in tune with your wants and your needs.

Having a plan for your life gives you direction and it will keep you stimulated and motivated - isn’t that a great way to look at starting a new year!

So happy 2018 - grab it with both hands and shake it to death! Get the best out of you and your life!


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