Stop Running!

By LifeworX · Dec. 31, 2017 · Life Coaching · 2 min read

A man running on a road into the distance. The road is wet and his figure is a silhouette.

It’s a feeling you get when reality sets in and you realise that your circumstances don’t make you, but rather reveal you. Our situations determine so much of where we come from and where we are heading. Sometimes we are on the run from things in our lives that we would rather not be running from and we continue to duck and dive from the experiences we have had in our lives that have influenced us, threatened us and tested us beyond what we thought necessary.

You can land at a turning point when you finally decide to regain control of your life. You need to shift your mind; no one can do that for you! I am loving the new song by P!nk, “Beautiful Trauma”. It may not be my story but I get it. Looking at other people’s situations makes me realise that the things I have gone through and continue to go through is my story and for me to handle the best way I possibly can!

Sometimes to lose yourself in the stories of others allow you to be more understanding of your own. Each set of circumstances, however bad, offers a unique opportunity for growth. It's important to be prepared for the changes and opportunities that you get along the way.

Often when things come into your life it's for a reason and you will not always understand it until the day it dawns on you and you find the meaning of it all. So it's very important to not try and control things that are out of your control - allow things to happen as they should. My grandmother always said to me, “what is meant for you, whether it's good or bad, will never pass you by".

Only now that I am older can I look back on all the occasions that something happened and I tried to control and change it only to realise that it was part of growing up and becoming the person I am today.

Reflecting on all my life lessons have really been a lesson all on its own.

So my advice is to be vigilant and make good decisions based on the wisdom of others. There are always people to talk to and learn from and one thing I have learnt is never to think that a question is a stupid one! Questions can't be silly or irrelevant if you learn something from them, and until you have asked the question, you won't know if it was stupid or not.

So stop running from your past! Stop, stand still and enjoy the moment you are in - even when it is not where you want to be because that too can change if you just allow it to.




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