Push Your Reset Button

By LifeworX · Jan. 15, 2018 · Life Coaching · 2 min read

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Ok, so what does this mean exactly?  To me it’s one of those things that get done around the end of a week, a month and even a year.  It’s when you can get a second chance or even a third or fourth.  When you have tried and tried again to get something right and just cannot seem to get a grip on it, this is when you need to push the reset button.

Awareness of the things you need to change sometimes need that thought of ending habits and taking up new ones.  The minute you give yourself the idea of having a new start will often be the very motivation you need.

I am sure you will agree that we also need to make peace with certain inalienable truths.  There are things we cannot do, even when we try our hardest.  We need to allow ourselves to stop, put it aside and reset.  I read something recently that went along the lines of this: “ if you can’t do it, find something that you can do.  Don’t waste unnecessary time and energy on the things that you can’t do“. 

Just don’t get this confused with giving up, that my friend, is something completely different.  You know when you are giving up.  When things are a little tough or unmanageable you can always try a bit harder, because you don’t want to stop when you know you can actually get it done with some effort.  If you do stop at that point, it will only break down your self-esteem.

Setting the reset button means – giving yourself a chance to put things behind you that have hurt you or held you back in anyway.  Just having this thought in your head allows you to clean the slate and start over.  It allows you to take a step back and analyze what you could do differently.  It shows you that you are who you are and you should know and understand the need to reset better. 

Your energy should be directed towards the things you enjoy and love, because you will undoubtedly do it with all your heart.  So don’t make promises you cant keep and say you will do something knowing all too well you don’t feel comfortable doing it. 

Reset now and show the people around you that you are 100% in things that you know are good for you, right for you and know that you will enjoy doing.  You will see how your self-esteem soars to new heights and you will most certainly enjoy the fact that your No’s are no’s and your Yes means so much more than when you weren’t in it to win it.

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