Life... It's One Funny Thing This!

By Guest · Jan. 29, 2018 · Life Coaching · 2 min read

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The moment you think you have a hold on things, you actually don’t. It’s like life looks at you and laughs!

Each day is a lesson learned and each day we grow to either be better or bitter - the choice is yours... No seriously, the choice is yours. Often, we make the mistake of thinking people are in control of our feelings when in fact we are in control of our feelings! How things turn out is completely up to you. Whether it breaks or builds you.

Nothing feels as great as being in control of yourself or your emotions and how you let things affect you. Of course, it’s not a switch we can flick on and off when it best suits us... No, it’s something you build within yourself! It’s a choice you choose to make each day to be better instead of being bitter.

And because as humans we are all not the same and thank God for that, things that affect you may not affect the next person the same way, so does that mean how you feel doesn’t matter NO it just means that you learn to deal with things better. You learn to take care of yourself more than anything cause at that moment you learn to decide to be happier instead of the mood that person is trying to bring you to. And that moment you are so less concerned about them but more about yourself. Learning to not sweat the small staff is probably one of the biggest thing I have learned in my life, cause the more I taught myself that the less I cared about things that could have been such a mood killer for me on that day it could have even made my week so bad.

No matter what happens unfortunately we can’t control how people are but we can control how we allow what they do to affect us. Life goes on with or without them or you, life goes on and if we can remember that we would stop holding on to things. Think a year back then think 5 years back now ask yourself within those thought how things from then to now have changed. Nothing stays the same otherwise what are we living for.

Life is but a journey.


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