You Better Believe It!

By LifeworX · Feb. 5, 2018 · Life Coaching · 3 min read

A neon sign that says, "do something great".

“If one person can do something, anyone can learn to do it.”

Well, believe this to be true and you will open many doors for yourself! You will realize there is nothing you can’t do or at least try to do. 

We are all putting restrictions on ourselves because time and time again we listen to that little voice inside - the one that is scared of life. We end up letting that little voice control us and the things we do. It is time to get rid of the limiting beliefs that hold us back from living the life that we deserve to be living.

What if you believed you could do anything? How much more would you do? How many more opportunities would you realize? Your life will flourish when you stand up and start believing in yourself and all the possibilities that lie before you.

I want to share a story I was told a long long time ago. It really changed my life and the way I see my own potential.

So there were two kids playing on a frozen lake in America. Slipping and sliding around on the ice and having a great time. One of the kids was a lot skinnier than the other. Suddenly, the ice cracked and the larger kid fell through the ice. You can imagine how cold the water was and how the kid, with all the jackets and jerseys, was being pulled under the water. The smaller one began pulling and tugging to try and get his friend out of the freezing water. Then the kid in the water started sinking and losing his breath.

Across the lake was a tree. The small kid ran across the lake somehow breaking a huge branch off and dragging it back across the slippery lake to the hole that their friend had now disappeared into. Somehow finding the strength to get the friend out of the ice-cold water and onto the ice in his water-soaked clothing. One of the moms saw what was happening, called 911 and tried to help out on the ice. Eventually, more people had arrived on the scene including the 911 rescuers.

All the mothers were asking how the larger kid managed to get out of the water. Everyone said there was no way that the smaller kid could have saved the other kids life. Then a man in a trench coat stepped forward and said that of course the smaller, weaker kid could have pulled him out and saved his life, because no one told him that he couldn’t do it.

If my little story never made sense to you then just know this: You are full of endless potential. It is only you stop believing in yourself and your abilities that you not be able to do or accomplish anything.

You often need to reach really deep inside to find that forever available potential. We all have it in us and often when we have been beaten by life and by people we tuck it away and get lost in our limiting beliefs.

Its never too late, start now – believing in yourself allows you to do things, go places, engage with others and test your abilities. This is how we stay motivated and true to ourselves.

I challenge you just try this and keep it up for as long as you can and watch your whole world turn around.

Be true to who you know you really are.





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