Should I Say It?

By LifeworX · Feb. 26, 2018 · Life Coaching · 2 min read

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I have been having this inner conflict for quite some time now. Having all the knowledge I thought I had is not getting me closer to taking a decision.

Do I or don’t say something? It is tough to leave somethings alone, especially because of our own set of values, beliefs and principles. If you have a strong set of rules that you operate your life on, you will find it really hard to walk away from things. So does this make it right to just leave ‘it’ or should you actually confront ‘it’?

When it comes to other peoples’ feelings, you need to know whether or not this would make things better or worse. Sometimes a can of worms is better left closed. This conflict can cause unnecessary emotional turmoil, but again, it is how you look at the situation and how you allow it to affect you.

You should measure your feelings against the ones you can only imagine will surface when you have tackled this situation. If you are realistic, you will probably realize that your expectation of others will not match the outcome you had in mind.

Talking too much about it to others isn’t always the answer either unless they give you an objective and unemotional point of view. We know that the people we love will always try and be on our side and that doesn’t always make it right.

So my advice to myself is: to ‘write that letter’. I will read it and edit it a few times and I will even ask one close person to read it and make some suggestions and then I will email it to MYSELF. I will then make a decision whether to send it or not.

It is very important to not have the wrong expectation because that would be a bigger let down than anything. Inner conflict is far worse than interpersonal conflict so you really want to not let this own you. Make that decision to not let this own you and you have already won half the battle.

Tackling these things takes some serious courage. Whether you confront or wherever you don’t - it will take all the strength you have. Be sure of your intentions and understand exactly why you need to get this off your chest. If it is all personal is it not more important to spend your energy on more positive things. Things that make you grow and enjoy life.

It is not always beneficial to confront because you know the truth and you know yourself and more than likely so does the other party. Take a deep breath and find the peace within yourself to let some things rest.

Letting go of the control it has over you, is where you should be spending your energy.

This is a decision that you can make because this decision is for yourself and your wellbeing.

#letitgo #nomorestress


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