In The Moment.

By LifeworX · March 19, 2018 · Life Coaching · 3 min read

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Are you in the moment, are you living in the past or in the future.  “Where are your feet?”  because that’s where you are.

We often live with memories and incidents that haunt us and the more we give these things power the more they grow and the more we give them power.  We all have a story and sometimes it is so good to listen to someone else’s story.

I have just had the privilege of a business trip where I got to spend some serious time with someone I have never met.  The time I spent listening to someone else story was priceless.  We were thrown together and it was one of the most interesting opportunities for me to get to know someone in a short time and really just listen and enjoy their story.

My time with them was surreal and what I gained from this experience was truly priceless.  Being out of my regular environment and just going through the motions of everyday work and life mode I was exposed to a whole new culture and way of life.  Not to mention what I was seeing around me that was so profoundly different.  I also got to meet such interesting people in such a small time.

I see why travelling can be like a bug for some... If you are in the moment when you are experiencing differences in life and culture it can only excite you and make you realise that being in the moment is a wonderful way to spend your time.

What I learnt from this experience is that we all assume so so much about each other.  This isn’t always fair because that means that we have an expectation of the person and of the situation and wow, can you be wrong.

People are people and we all have that backstory and if you just stop to listen and take it all in there is so much to learn about yourself and the world around you.  For what its worth I wouldn’t change life as I know it, but that doesn’t mean that others want what I want and that makes us unique in every way. 

It is so important to get out of your little bubble and take a leap of fate.  Get out there get to see and experience things that you wouldn’t usually and you will realise you are where you are because you yourself are comfortable and quite happy with the story you are writing for yourself.

Happiness is what you make it and you have to remember that there is no other person who is responsible for your happiness and the way your life is turning out.  So what I learnt from this experience was that some people literally live in the moment and that’s fine.  For me, I also live for what is coming and that makes living in the moment a little difficult because the pressure of tomorrow has its own set of rules. 

My trip taught me a valuable lesson and that is to live in your moment whatever that is, but it must be your moment and no one else’s.   To make every moment that you are in your moment make life worth living.



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