Keeping the Focus.

By LifeworX · April 16, 2018 · Life Coaching · 2 min read

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Keeping the focus is not always easy. No matter if it is at work or at home. Staying focused on the right things, meaning the important things, is what really counts. So how do we get this right and how do we know exactly what it is we need to stay focused on. Something that works for me and for many of my clients is being asked the right questions.

As I often say: wisdom is in the questions... not always in the answer. Making you think in ways you haven't yet can help you find focus and clarity on many issues and situations. Life is complicated at the best of times and it's more enjoyable and manageable when you have a plan and a process to get where you need and want to be.

When I have been lazy with life in the past I have found that I regret the decisions that I may have made on certain circumstances, and with knowledge, I know that I won't continue to make the same mistakes.

Here are 20 steps to lighten the load when life becomes cluttered and you cant see the light because you have been focusing on the wrong things.

When you need a plan, this can help you in many ways - so try them:

Communicate how you feel.

Open and share your fears.

Exercise often and get your body to help speak your mind.

Build your self-esteem every way you can.

Be more positive and believe you have a purpose and a passion.

Find a job that you love.

Build relationships that are important enough to you.

Celebrate your efforts and be proud of what you are doing with your life.

Don’t always feel like you have to justify everything you do.

Choose to experience life in its entirety.

Don’t over think decision making.

Allow other people to help you when you need it.

Let the right people into your bubble.

Learn to trust your own judgment.

Approach every situation with positive intention.

Be grateful because you know you should.

Make time for spiritual growth and develop your faith.

Actively raise your energy.

Be totally committed to your life.

Always strive to be better at being better.

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