Figure Life Out.

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I have been wanting to share some of the lessons I have learnt along the way because these are the types of things you need when you are in need of a little reminder that things can change and that all things do eventually come to an end .

Nothing that is meant for you will ever pass you by whether it is good or bad

Understanding this makes you realise that what is happening to us in our daily lives is meant to be just the way it is. It is to teach us the lessons we are meant to learn.

Take a deep breath

When you are stressed out or in a sticky situation remember to breathe. This allows you to stop and process what has just happened and you will be able to respond rather than react

Live in the Moment

How often don’t we stay in the present? Living in the moment gives us a chance to enjoy what we are doing and who we are doing it with.

Live Life Love Life

This is something that works only if you get both right. You won't enjoy life if you are not totally engaged with the beauty of what it is really all about. To love it is one thing, to live it is another. Try and feel what it feels like to have both the love and the desire to live it to the fullest.

Don’t Settle

Not settling forces you to always reach for more. It keeps you taking opportunities rather than shutting them down because you don’t want to stay in a comfort zone. Pushing you outside of your boundaries makes settling not something you want to practice.

It is never too late to start believing in yourself

When you feel that you out there on your own or you think no one gets you this is a great time to start believing in yourself. You are special, you are unique and the quality of your life is up to you. Work on your indestructible self-belief and what the confidences you being to feel in yourself. Watch the world open up around you.

There is nothing you can't do and nowhere you can't go

This is not just a physical thing. Your imagination can take you places you have never been and by doing that you are visioning your dreams and intentions. You are the designer of your life, you are the conductor of your own symphony, start taking yourself out of the mindset that has been holding you back.

Pay if forwards

It is always good for you to share with others the lessons you have learnt and the experiences you have had. Sharing with others is just one way of paying it forward. This really means doing something that will pave your way into your future. It is almost like doing something that will benefit someone now and it will come around for your full circle.

Be better at being better

This means never be lazy with yourself and with your life. Always strive to be better than you already are. Do more with what you have. Use your true talents and capabilities and never stop reaching for personal perfection.

Lifeworx when you make an effort

When you are lazy with life, life is lazy right back at you. When you are constantly making an effort with yourself, others and life the rewards are endless. You have personal power and you have a life that you show up for. You can make every difference in your own life and not wait around for someone else to do it for you because life does reward effort.

I have witnessed this in my own life and in many people I have encounter in my work and the relationships that I cherish.

Show up to your life and take charge of the way that you think and operate and be present in your daily thoughts and actions.

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