This is It

By LifeworX · June 8, 2018 · Life Coaching · 3 min read

Rocks stacked on top of each other.

What makes you feel balanced in life?

Could it be your faith?

Could it be the relationships that you share with yourself and others?

Could it be with the secrets and stories that you share and that your lock away in your heart and in your emotions?

So if we were to move you forward from the things that hold you back and give you more of what you need what exactly would it be that you need more of?

Think just how much better your life would be if you just focused more on the important things. Things that need your attention and that means all of your attention

Once you have focused on the right things in your life you will without a doubt gain clarity. You will be able to define your purpose and how exactly you will accomplish the things you want to.

Doing this takes dedication, discipline and consistency and don’t fool yourself you cant mess with this recipe.

There are things in our life that we definitely need less of and when you find what that is exactly you then need to find a way to actually get rid of it.

We all have a certain poison that runs through us from time to time and what I am talking about is self-doubt. Once you have identified what creates this doubt and insecurity you can then find ways to get you out of that situation with the tools that you are learning

Clutter – physical and mental.

If you could do “it” again, what would “it” be? Have you ever tried to answer this question? Here is your chance?

You will notice that it is probably a time in your life between a certain age that just grabs you and sucks the life out of you because you know you could have done more, you could have done differently and you are now a little angry for wasting the opportunities that may have passed you by.

This is usually when we should have spent more time defining what you want out of life and executing that vision instead of stumbling through life as a spectator. No one likes wasting time. Wouldn’t you try to make fewer mistakes wouldn’t you try to love yourself more.?

There are times in our lives when things get a bit tough and we don’t know what to about it and that is when our scale tips. What should we do to keep the balance?

If you think about the quality time with people who mean something special to you, you will find that it can bring some peace to your crazy mind and life. Often the right dose of the right people can put things back into perspective.

Is there something that you should be adding to your life?

Is human connection important to you? Is this an area of life you could add to? The best tips with regards to this are all about finding the association with the people who are on a similar track to you. Find people who get you and who support and care for you.

Do you listen to your intuition?

For most of us, it is not enough. We don’t always trust our own intuition for a number of reasons – overthinking things and then ending up creating your own clutter in your head. Try not to listen to the opinions of other people or allow these views to override your own better judgment.


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