Do You Have a Plan B?

By LifeworX · June 15, 2018 · Life Coaching · 2 min read

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When you look back on your life do you look at it with pride, hope or regret?  Can you see your life as a happy place where you have accomplished the things you wanted along the way? Do you see your past as a place of experiences and learning or do you see a wasted amount of time spent on the wrong things and the wrong people?

It is never too late for a plan B.  Plan B is something you can decide on right now.  Set the goals you want to achieve, an action plan and get going.  Don’t sit around hoping things will change by themselves because sure enough, you will be barking up the wrong tree.  Life does not wait for anyone or anything.  Life is an opportunity for you to do things that you really want to do.  You need to know what you want and why you want it and find the best action plan to take it forward.

You need people to support you and buy into your idea, but you cannot rely on others to get done what you want.  Often this is our biggest mistake, starting something and expecting the people around us to want the same things and share the same vision.  This if often not the case, but I will remind you that you get one life and often more than one chance, so always have a plan B.  Often your plan A will lead you to plan B and that too is your journey and your life story.  Your experiences are built on the journey and you need to write your story.  Your life will have many adventures that will teach you life lessons along the way.  Allow yourself to enjoy rather than regret these because your plan B could be the better path chosen going forwards.

We all make mistakes and we all want things to be better going forward.  So start now with a new set of goals of the things you want to get done. You may need a new map but that’s ok, get excited about it and get started.  No more hesitation no more self-doubt and definitely no more stalling.

If this is what you want and what you need, then there are no more minutes to waste.  Time is precious and it is your chance to shift gears and move into a zone that you can enjoy.  You need courage and magic in your life because it allows you to do things that you usually wouldn’t tackle.  Courage is yours for the taking and courage is your fuel.

Once you decide to go with your plan B you have drop kicked your self-doubt and your plan is in place, go for it.

Go for all your dreams, hopes and desires.  Don’t settle for less and don’t let anyone steal your thunder.

Plan B might be your best plan yet, I know mine was.

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