10 Traits of People Who Know Where They’re Going.

By LifeworX · June 15, 2018 · Life Coaching · 3 min read

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There’s a certain energy around a person who knows where they’re going.  At some time we have all been around someone who exudes that magnetism and we know how good it feels to be around that type of person, but what is it that makes us feel that way?

Here are 10 traits that contribute to the energy of someone who is living their purpose and who knows where they’re going in life

They are confident

Self-confidence is a trait that can be a challenge to acquire. People who know where they’re going wear it like a badge of honour and they inspire others around them to shine too.

They are positive

People who know where they’re going practice gratitude and they actively seek joy in their lives. Like all of us, they experience challenges and failures but their positivity makes them resilient and they are able to bounce back with greater energy.

They are willing to take risks

People who know where they’re going and they don’t hold back in pursuit of a goal. They know that success comes when one commits fully and goes all in.

They are consistent

Integrity means doing what you say and saying what you mean. People who know where they’re going always act in alignment with their words and intentions.

They are honest

People who know where they are going are comfortable in telling it like it is even when this is a difficult task. Their clarity of purpose means they know when something is going to distract them from their goals and they don’t miss the opportunity to set this right.

They are authentic

People who know where they’re going don’t waste time presenting an incomplete (aka glamourised) picture of their lives on social media. Instead, they choose to be their real selves around others, imperfections and all.

They are adaptable

Being too set in our ways and failing to see the bigger picture can be detrimental to achieving our goals and dreams. People who know where they’re going know that while planning ahead is important, challenges will always present themselves along the way and the ability to adapt on the fly is a critical skill to embrace.

They are decisive

People who know where they’re going are adept at future-focused decision making, but they consider their options carefully rather than acting impulsively because they understand that every choice can either take them closer to or away from their goal.

They are solution-oriented

People who know where they’re going are not immune to challenges, however, they seem to be able to handle what life throws at them more effectively than others, possessing greater clarity and direction in terms of finding solutions.

They elevate others

Because people who know where they’re going are driven by all the traits already mentioned above, they are able to transcend the insecurity, inferiority, fear and feelings of inadequacy that hinder many others and this makes it easy for them to add value to other people. They have no problem rising above their own ego to elevate others. They embrace a “lift as you climb” philosophy, ensuring that their own success leads to the success of others.


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