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A blue sky long exposure shot.

So why is the sky blue? Why do we have to work? Why can’t I be prettier?

Why doesn’t my life feel good? Why, why, why?

There are so many reasons for asking the question why? Something I have come to realize: there are many answers we get given that we either don’t believe or should I say we don’t want to believe. I have learnt that for most of the reasons that I ask the question why is because the whole idea is being on the life train experiencing it and it is best to find out the answers for myself.

If we have to take a look at everything we do, there are so many questions that can be asked and there are a variety of answers. Once you find something that makes sense to you, you tend to be ok with it. It’s like conditioning yourself in a way to adapt or forever struggle trying to adapt.

At this point, I would call it accepting some things for what they are and not always trying to thrash it to death. So many things are not in our control and we shouldn’t try and find the answer to everything because we really should just accept WHAT IS!

Acceptance is a powerful way of being ok in a situation and allowing the natural flow of things to take place. Also trying not to get caught up fighting the wrong battles with the wrong people for completely the wrong reason. To remember that there is often more than one answer to a question. This may lead to us having to pick the one that is best for us. Never be afraid to move beyond the things that you cannot always answer and you cannot always control. This will give you the control that you ultimately are looking for.

Getting control back over life means controlling the things that you constantly worry about and question, and allowing yourself to be ok with. Try this technique and see how you feel when you have made that decision. You will have the control of how things affect you or should I say how you allow things to affect you.

Being in control of this can give you a sense of clarity when you realise that you are learning more by not thinking you can control everything. It is also ok if you don’t always have an answer for every question, and that something’s are just better left unsaid. Not everything is set in stone and not everything needs to have an answer. Let it go and let it be. You are your own worst enemy at times and that too is a decision to make.

Say to yourself: Today I choose to give up the control that everything has over me and enjoy WHAT IS.

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