A Second chance

By LifeworX · June 8, 2018 · Life Coaching · 3 min read

Jake from the side.

A second chance is sometimes just what we need to shift us into another phase, another gear and a completely new world. I have recently experienced something very personal with my nephew and I would like to share it so that if you think you should give someone another chance for the right reasons, then you probably should.

My nephew is 17 years old and has really been pushed from pillar to post with a broken home and not really knowing where his place is in this world. He has struggled to settle down and settle in to what most kids take for granted. He has tried a few different schools along the way and has never really found anything that he could sink his teeth into and stick out. This was obviously to his own detriment. This has caused him to be called a looser and an outcast as his only alternative was a home school environment.

We wont cast blame on anyone or the circumstances, because I am sure you can figure this out pretty much by yourself. What I do want to share is this: at what point do we give up on each other and at what point do we decide to give someone a second chance. I know that for me when there is sincerity and gratitude in the mix it moves me to reach out and understand the reasons for a second chance to be granted.

We all make mistakes in life and we all need someone somewhere to believe in us. It is a privilege to be this someone for him as it empowers him to be better at being better rather than me turning my back on him.

We all need support and when we give that person a second chance, for whatever reason it may be, we give them an opportunity to fix the bits and pieces they need to fix and move forward.

I see this in relationship counseling all the time. We are quick to blame others and not take responsibility for our own indiscretions and we often are clouded by our anger and our own guilt not to mention our egos. It is very difficult for someone to own up to what they may or may not have done and be held accountable for their actions. Turning the mirror onto ourselves makes us see that if we change our attitudes and perspectives on many ideas and beliefs we can actually begin the journey of fixing and healing.

Never be afraid or too lazy to fix, because it might be you one day needing a helping hand to move on from something you didn’t see or understand. It is our duty and our privilege to help where we can and to get the joy out of watching the lives of others improve.

When did we get so selfish that everything becomes about ME and not anyone else. We are driven by so many of the wrong things in life and we forget that the relationships around us are so important to our enjoyment and wellbeing. Putting effort in never killed or harmed anyone.

Are you putting enough effort into your life and the lives of others? Or are you waiting for others to do it for you. Don’t wait Don’t miss the opportunity to make a difference in someone else’s life. Be that person who reaches out and make the effort to make an impact and this will in turn influence others in a positive way.

So my nephew has an opportunity now to apply for a mainstream school, not because of me, but because I supported him and believed in him. I gave him support, love and understanding and really isn’t that all we need sometimes. I gave him another chance and one day I hope that when I need that second chance someone else can see my good intentions and give me the same opportunity.

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