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Insurance – do you believe in it? Do you need it?

A while ago I purchased a new washing machine. After having made my decision which machine would best suit my needs and my bank balance, the salesman offered me insurance on my purchase. I was flabbergasted – I had just bought a new electrical appliance and now I had to fork out more money for insurance in case something went wrong with it?? I did not expect to think further than my acquisition and how long it would be in my house doing its job. Here are the manufacturers or the shop owners offering me an olive branch in case this machine does not do its job??? Or is it simply an extra cover in case something does go wrong, which it can quite easily do?

My medical insurance recently sent me an offer for a gap cover. This is a plan that will cover the already insured member in case there are specialist or hospital bills that are out of the norm. So now the already medically insured person has another plan to subscribe to in case something else goes wrong.

Are we expecting things to go wrong or do we cover ourselves for “ just in case”?

Isn’t it good to be prepared for any scenario? Or are we getting bogged down with expecting things to go wrong?

Any insurance provides additional protection for something unforeseen.

What are we insuring ourselves for or against?

Which insurance do you subscribe to?

Which way do you see this situation?

Accidents do happen and it is possibly wise to be prepared with some kind of insurance. It is also wise to live life to the fullest and back yourself in any situation.

It is also good to have some faith in the fact that sometimes things do just go right and we can enjoy life.

We normally have a car, house or medical insurance.

Have you taken out insurance that you will live your life to the fullest and fulfil your purpose? Is there such an insurance? Wouldn’t that be cool if such an insurance existed? We would all live our life to the fullest and if we didn’t get to reach our dream or our goal we would expect to be reimbursed……

Instead, we have to back ourselves and make sure we work at first of all creating a dream and then working with purpose to achieve that goal. This kind of insurance rests solely on our own shoulders. This is where life works when we make an effort. Be proactive, live life and love life. Create your goals and work towards achieving your dreams. Ensure that you live your life with purpose and insure against personal failure. Back yourself in your own life.


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