My Wants, My Needs and My Balance.

By Guest · July 27, 2018 · Life Coaching · 2 min read

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We all get confused between Needs and Wants. We can become so consumed by what we want that we throw out what we need.

Now I am not sure about you, but when I was in school I WANTED to be Mr Popular. But my parents knew what I NEEDED. And that was to put my head in the books and perform because they saw I had the potential. Did I do that? No, because I WANTED to party. I now see exactly what happened. I ignored the people that had learned that lesson before and didn’t WANT me to repeat their mistake. I pushed them and their advice aside - what did they know? Back then I knew everything.

The short and sweet version of my story is that I started studying and was performing beautifully, started to feel like the world is my oyster and I NEEDED that feeling. But guess what, life tests you, and I failed, but I learnt. A girl came into “a weekend of my life”. She wanted me to be at her call. So the first day I was there but I guess I learned quickly what was happening. So when I followed her command to be at her house, all my studying and commitment went south. My mind was no longer on my studies, I mean I missed a whole weekend of getting ahead of my assignments. If I had done what I was told, I would be studying and not at her house. Then I found out that she already had a boyfriend. So yes, I did the right thing - I wouldn’t want something like that to happen to me.

I think about this now, and find myself stronger, because I have realized what is important for me to be better a person. I may want a partner in crime, but perhaps right now is not the best time and perhaps I haven’t reached that road in my life, because I am still learning. I almost feel this lesson and the other lessons I am learning and going to learn are going to make me a better person. So that when my want comes into my life I can handle it with more maturity and value it more than just wanting it because others have it too… and I can then recognize what I really need to be a better me.


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