Be Relevant.

By LifeworX · July 23, 2018 · Life Coaching · 3 min read

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I wanted to share a very important message with our readers. The message is that YOU ARE RELEVANT.

You may be wondering where that comes from? I was in a workshop with a group of amazing people and we were discussing life and work and everything in-between. When it came to one particular lady there was this feeling. I could almost feel her insecurity and for whatever reason, I could not figure it out or piece it together.

When she spoke she did so with such relevance. She was thoughtful and thorough in her choice of words and it made everyone sit up and listen. When we got into the topic of personal growth it was my turn to say something about a first impression about the people in the workshop.

I went around the table telling the group what a first impression was all about and how I saw them. It was then my chance to tell her what I noticed about her. The first words that came out of my mouth were:” You have such relevance when you talk.” She was taken back and not sure how to react to what was said.

This I know was the turning point in her life. I am hoping her personal life too. I have watched her grow in her role in her work environment in a year. She has gone above and beyond her duty to also grow the people around her.

Now, she is also seen very differently by her colleagues. Can one comment change your life? Can you change someone else’s life with one comment... Well, I am going to say YES YES YES.

Take the opportunity when you get the chance to do it. We are all part of one another’s lives and we can have such an impact on one another. Please, I say this, make sure you are aware of what you are choosing to say to someone. As much as it works in the positive it can just as easily have a reverse effect the comment is not something positive and uplifting.

So much damage is done by what is said. Words really do some serious damage if they are not thought about first. Also not imagining how someone will feel before you choose to say something can be so very selfish. We all need to consider working on our EQ. Growing and learning about people and how they feel can put so many fires out. Unnecessary things said are just that, unnecessary.

Take a minute to look back at all the things that were said to you that impacted you and your life. Then look back and think about what you may have said to others that impacted and influenced them. So many things unnecessarily said, if only we could fix them?

It is time now because the past is history. Make the changes you need now so that you don’t look back on regret of what you said that was irrelevant or negative. Make the right kind of dent in others’ lives where they will look back one day and say that one moment changed their lives.

I know when this lady reads my blog she will know exactly who she is. That is what you call impacting someone’s life forever.

Always be better at being better because it is good for everyone around you.

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