Starting Over

By Guest · Nov. 25, 2018 · True Stories · 1 min read

Let's start over.  A new life.  

The biggest mistake I made in the past was keeping secrets and living in the dark. Yes, still with old memories, love stories, friends, but also with fighting and bad memories that started taking over my life. I got to a point where I decided that living in a dark hole isn't going to help anything, I needed to find the truest me I could be. I needed to be myself...needed to do things that truly made me happy and that's exactly what I started doing. 

This time, I'm doing life differently, from now on I'm living with no regrets, with appreciation, love and love with all my heart without being scared. From now on you can try and make me hate myself...try with everything you have to bring me to my lowest, because nothing can bring me down now after I've already been there. Bring it on life. I'm ready for you now, hit me with your best shot, give me all you have, because all you'll get in return is a smile to show you...just to remind you, you gave me this before and now....well now it's time for me to give you my best shot.


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