Adapt or React?

By LifeworX · June 23, 2017 · Life Coaching · 2 min read

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React: act in response to something.

Adapt: modify, change, adjust, alter.

How do you live your life? Are you an extrovert?

Are you someone that gets involved, is ’loud’, lets everyone know how you feel? Or are you more reserved – trying to not let everyone see how you feel, rather listening than participating in a discussion.

  1. Do you get involved in situations when things do not go the way you feel is right?
  2. Do you speak up and make your opinion heard?
  3. Do you go and demonstrate how far are you prepared to go?
  4. Or do you try not to get involved and hide away, minding your own business?
  5. What are you prepared to take before you feel the need to speak up?
  6. Are you a law-abiding citizen or do you consider yourself to be a rebel? Do you have a cause?
  7. Do you live your life by the courage of your own conviction or do you feel that you are easily swayed by other people and their opinion?
  8. Where does ‘the courage of your conviction’ actually come from?
  9. What is your conviction? A firmly held opinion, idea, belief, view, thought, persuasion.
  10. Where does it come from? Upbringing, culture, belief structure, morals and principles
  11. Does it/ can you change your conviction?
  12. Do you try to convince others to your point of view?
  13. Do you assume others are of your conviction and understand you fully?
  14. Do you try to understand others’ conviction if it is totally opposite to yours?
  15. In life, often disagreements occur because of misunderstandings. Are you able to put yourself in the other persons’ shoes? See things from a different angle?

React to changes before they force you to.

To move forward, it is important that you know your conviction and are able to stick to it, no matter what situation you are put in. It needs to be like a good teabag – the best flavours only come out when it finds itself in deep, hot water.

Find your conviction, stand by your morals, take action and most importantly, live your life and love your life.

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