Jodie Bailey-Norris

  • Company / Organisation: Coca-Cola Africa
  • Role: Senior Communications Manager

I’ve been working with Anita for around 8 months now and I can say with absolute clarity and certainty that her life coaching program is world class and delivers incredible results if you do the work and make yourself accountable. What I’ve especially loved about working with Anita, besides her energy and consistency, is that there is no one size fits all approach. Her program and inputs are tailored to each client’s goals and aspirations and she personally invests effort into shaping a customised program to help you move forward, whether your goals are personal, professional, physical or financial or any combination of these.

It’s really easy in today’s digital world to get caught up in the hype of online coaches and content on social media. I learnt some expensive lessons when I personally signed up for a coaching program online with a life coach in the USA and travelled half way around the world to attend personal development seminars that turned out to be nothing more than a sales funnel into a larger group program. I also didn’t make even close to 5% of the progress on any of my goals in those group programs and seminars as I have since I started working with Anita. The major difference? Anita does this work because she believes in it and because she genuinely cares about people.

I’d highly recommend reaching out and setting up a life coaching session with Anita to understand just how powerful her life coaching program can be. The results for me have far outweighed the financial investment and I am extremely grateful that our paths crossed because I have seen and felt tangible results in terms of both my personal and professional goals and I’m super excited to keep moving forward with the process of personal growth in every area of my life with LifeworX and Anita.

Jodie Bailey-Norris - Senior Communications Manager, Coca-Cola Africa