It is magical when your path crosses with the right person at the right time. I was fortunate enough to meet Anita a few months ago, when I was in desperate need of some guidance and centering. For the first time in many years, I have become aware of myself, my actions and the people surrounding me. I’ve learned to think before I act and take action where it is most important. Little did I know, when I met Anita, …

—Lisa Ackroyd

I started seeing Anita after one night of craziness my sister decided that I needed some kind of help. I needed to try and move forward. After my mom and sister passed away, I was on a downward spiral. I honestly believe if it were not for my amazing life coach, as well as my family, I would not be where I am today. I have been going to my life coach, Anita Giovannoni for around 5 years. It was …

—Eryn Sutherland, salon co-ordinator

Anita has run leadership workshops for our Grade 7 pupils at APPS (Auckland Park Prep School) for the past three years. She is an enthusiastic speaker who engages with every child. She is a qualified tennis coach, a life coach, and a person who helps any person through difficult times in their lives.

—Pippa de Wet, Grade 7 class teacher

She was loud I mean you could hear her before you saw her lol. And she was all types of attractive with her husky voice, bright smile and positive energies. I was privileged to be in her presence for five weeks in a group setting. Her words rang bells of truth in many areas of my life and she always left me with food for thought.

—Babongile Judy Ntsangane

I could be for myself and for people around me. I still see Anita every second month or so, just to catch up and get my life into perspective again, but I must say I don’t know where I would be today without my angel Anita.

—Jana Owenkamp, Wine Rep

Anita has a very positive approach to life and has the ability to carry that over to the people she works with. She has a wonderful way with people and wins their confidence and respect easily. She can easily relate to all age groups, from teenagers to old people.

—Fransa Kruger, Director, ebmaa

Life Coaching surely is a kick start to get your life where you want it on the right track. Anita is an amazing person to learn from. I guarantee that even after one Life Coaching session with Anita you will feel the change in your life.

—Marlize Louw, Graphic Designer