Life is All About Kaizen

By LifeworX · June 30, 2017 · Advice · 4 min read

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I decided to share a story with you. Life has a crazy way of reminding us to learn from one another. Continuously learn and improve. That is my topic and this is how it came about.

A young client of mine mentioned this to me today and I was not only impressed but clearly inspired – hence the blog. He has been going through a tough bit of self-discovery because of a break-up and he has had to do some serious soul-searching. He takes my breath away every week that we meet.

He has been working with me for over 6 years now and we seem to always reconnect when he needs to be reminded of just how awesome he is. Going through a break up at the tender age of 21 is rough. So much to understand, so much to accept and oh boy, so many questions. Every question is relevant to the young heart that has been through so much, but that is exactly what love does. Young love is beautiful but very often confusing.

We were sitting together today and while I was asking him his weekly dose of life coaching questions he said something very profound. I asked him “What has made you better? “ and “What has made you cope? “ he answered me with the word KAIZEN. He then started to explain it to me and it really got me thinking. (This is what I continuously remind my clients to do).

The word Kaizen is a Japanese word, which translates to “good change” or “continuous Improvement”.

Isn’t this something that we can apply to life? We should always continue to search and look for ways of improving our lives. Working on making things better. What it means to me is “ Get better at being better”.

We should find ways to get to the bottom of our issues and learn ways of dealing with these. There is always a different perspective. Never be afraid to take a deeper look and uncover the hurt that you feel or the hardships you have gone through. Nothing is unimportant when it comes to “YOU”. Taking a good hard look at yourself and your life takes a tremendous amount of courage. Everybody hurts sometimes. Just don’t let yourself go because you think everything is wrong and it cannot change or be fixed. We want to be “better best.”

This is not something is that is never-ending. It a process and a process is always evolving. Life changes and so do we. Our views, dreams, goals and aspirations are always being tried and tested. Continuous work is up to you and the minute you take that decision is where it all begins.

So when you feel you are out of answers and you are tired of what is actually going on in your life – think of anything that can make you improve on anything in your life. Here are those life aspects that need to be addressed:

  1. Family relationships

  2. Primary relationship

  3. Work/ school/ career

  4. Money and income

  5. Your Self (confidence, acceptance)

  6. Connection to your spiritual side

  7. Health, fitness and appearance

  8. Contribution to others

  9. Fun and leisure (time alone)

  10. Friends and social life.

If you can address each of these aspects and put this philosophy of getting better at being better to it, there can only be a positive outcome.

This might seem exhausting, but believe me, when you get the concept of how to work on these areas, it becomes a way of life. Anything that you continuously practice can become a habit and a habit kept long enough becomes a lifestyle.

Never get tired of looking for ways to improve your life. Designing your life is up to you the minute you give yourself the permission to actually do it. If your change doesn’t bring you reward, you will be less likely to carry it out. It is up to you to find out what reward will come from the work you put in.

You want to find ways that make this a pro-active and productive way of life work for you. Always be on the lookout for better ways to improve on. Get in touch with who you truly are and deal with the things that constantly come back to haunt you. Many things in life are lessons we as individuals need to learn. Don’t you often wonder why you have the same not always good thing happen to you? I have learnt from my own experience, that it is because I never learnt the lesson the first time. Now I am more vigilant about my own life and easier to give my clients clarity on issues that resurface on more than one occasion.

So I will leave you with this thought: If you have never given yourself a chance to experience a change or challenge, try and have a Life coaching session. It will surely open your mind and it will give you an opportunity to express yourself in a way that you never imagined possible.

You have nothing to lose with this approach. If you never try, you will always wonder what it could be about.

“Become more engaged with yourself!“


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