Mind Mastery

By Guest · Nov. 18, 2018 · Advice · 1 min read

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I set out at the beginning of the month asking a few of my clients to write a few tips on mind mastery.  What I really meant by mind mastery was anything that they could share with our readers that would motivate or encourage them.  These are things that may work for some of us and not others but well worth trying if you find that you just don't know where to begin disciplining yourself.

Never strike out when things you have tried backfire on you. Rather try things that have and do work for others, sometimes we need proof and here are some personal tips from an amazing young man who I can say has worked really hard at #beingbetteratbeingbetter.

Mental mastery begins with:

- Reducing distractions. There is no such thing as multitasking, the brain can only task switch 

   which comes at a cost of efficiency and effectiveness.

- Setting goals. Goal setting helps keep us on track to achieving our goals, it also helps give clarity 

   and direction when things get difficult.

- Becoming aware of your emotions and how they influence your decisions.

- Knowing your strengths and weaknesses. Once you know this you can use your strengths to your 

   advantage and improve on your weaknesses so that they 

   don’t hold you back.

- Creating routine. The power of habit will outlast motivation

- Accepting responsibility

- Finding the calm in the storm

- Striving for small daily improvements as opposed to monumental efforts that 

   cannot be sustained

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