Life and How to Pay it Forward

By LifeworX · March 19, 2018 · Advice · 3 min read

An arrow on a street.

Everyone believes that there are certain things needed in order to make the world seem great and life worth living. For some, fame and attention is their ultimate goal. They want everyone around the world, in every restaurant corner, street corner to know their name.

Social media fame has become a recent new trend that some strive for. Whether their YouTube video reaches 1 million views in a day or they gain 50,000 new followers on Twitter, Instagram, and/or Pinterest a month, their goals are quantifiable.

However, that does not mean everyone in the world is required to have the same mindset. Many introverts prefer to enjoy life with their close friends in small get-togethers, while others like travelling on the road. Others simply care to make a difference by paying it forward in order to make the lives of those who are less fortunate better.

Over the years, adults between the ages of 20 and 50 have become more adventurous by travelling all over the world. Their thirst for learning about different cultures and understanding perspectives of life outside of their own makes this generation more open-minded than previous generations.

Many individuals create detailed itineraries including national landmarks, well-known historic monuments, and popular local areas to explore. Others tend to create a plan and then go with the flow and just being spontaneous gets them to the places they need to be.

These trips create new relationships, consume foods that make travelling so enjoyable, even how we speak and the things we say can change. The impact that travelling has is not easily duplicated.

Non-profit organizations have increased dramatically within the past decade. Seasoned professionals have left their comfortable offices/jobs/careers in order to provide better opportunities for the less fortunate. To make a difference in someone’s life is more important than not doing anything at all knowing that you have the ability to do so.

Being involved with non-profit organization activities does not require as much as some may perceive. Even if you do not leave your dream job/career, non-profit organizations are always grateful for anyone who decides to volunteer for an hour once-off, or 100 hours a month.
There is a multitude of options that can be found in most local areas and communities including food banks, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, outdoor recreational sporting events and upliftment of public schools in our rural areas.

We live in a society where anyone can elevate their happiness with what they love to do. It is okay (and cool) to take action on things and topics that are important to you and not so important to others. It is okay to feel the urge of leaving your hometown to a place where you barely understand the language.

Do whatever makes you happy and remember, you are an influence on someone, and that cycle will continue because of you. Paying it forward goes a long long way. To be truly happy from the inside out, you need to know what it is that makes you happy. Follow your dreams, your heart and especially your gut feeling. You will know when it is time to help others. Only do it when you are ready to take real action and then pay it forward...


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