Life’s Tough Questions

By LifeworX · Sept. 9, 2017 · Advice · 3 min read

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We thought we would give just another example of homework done by a client to show that Life coaching is a journey of self-discovery.  You are asked relevant questions that will make you think and allow you to grow through your understanding of the Q&A.


Better health and fitness

Talking about this is not the answer. Have an action plan

Clear goals

Often goals need to be picked apart to know if it is really what you want

Control of my life’s direction

Trying to control too much is not good for you. Allow things to unfold. Tolerance is needed

Closer family and better communication

This is usually not something to predict so yes, communication is what is needed

Better organisation

More lists and goals but then also putting them into action


You must really feel it for it to be gratitude


The more you do what you say the more you will feel self-reliant 

To live within my means

Always you believe you will have enough and not panic, this stops the flow of receiving

Realistic goals

Yes but also always reach for more, motivtion comes from extending yourself at times

To leave that legacy

You must write your own eulogy while you are alive and if you arent happy start living right

Here are a few things that can help you take action.  It is important to understand that not everything applies to everyone.  So take this from where it comes, be open minded and allow yourself to grow through other peoples experiences.

  • Low self-image
  • My perceptions of others and what they are thinking
  • Being scared of being a failure
  • My pride
  • Not letting anyone close
  • The feeling that life is out to get me and maybe I deserve it
  • Loss of purpose and perception of not being needed
  • Being uncomfortable with confrontation
  • Procrastinating
  • Thoughts that I haven’t achieved


  • I will have a purpose which will make waking up a pleasure.
  • I will be in control of my finances and my time.
  • I will live within my abilities and be happy with my accomplishments.
  • I will be able to relax and not feel guilty.
  • I will feel secure in my own skin and look in the mirror with pride.
  • I will let people into my personal space.
  • I will turn my dreams into reality.
  • I will grow into the person I want to be
  • I will have the confidence say NO and to deal with confrontation in a positive way.
  • I will be positive in my outlook
  • When I am helping people
  • When I have achieved a goal
  • When I am alone in the bush with my camera
  • When I am with my kids and family and know we all want to be there.
  • When I feel I am contributing
  • When I exercise
  • When I have ended a day and I have done all I set out to do!
  • When I am organized
  • When I am learning something new
  • When people are happy around me

Whatever your choices are, be diligent with your life.  You have the opportunity to get it right and even if you have already made mistakes you can always start again and try again.  Change the things that bring you down and destroy the brilliance of you. Face your limiting beliefs and work on them then be confident and learn to make the right decisions by knowing more about yourself.

Take Action Now


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