A View on Teen Sex

By LifeworX · July 9, 2017 · True Stories · 2 min read

A young couple in jeans sitting on a bench.

To all parents who are scared that their teenager is going to have sex too early:

Please stop seeing us as these hormonal freaks that only want sex. You would be surprised at how many teens just want someone to love, to call their own, someone they can cuddle with at the movies, someone they can be happy with.

Wait until you're out of school and you are sure that you've found the one, then wait awhile... then maybe...

Sure, some teenage boys want to "be cool" and sleep with as many girls as possible and sure we get taught about teenage pregnancy, but teenagers are cocky... We as teenagers feel that if we put on a condom we're safe, but it could tear.

So parents, educate your teenage children and tell them what type of effect teenage pregnancy will have on them, their partner and their lives. Don't just hold us back and tell us that we can't have a sleepover at a girl’s house because we're going to have sex. It might be on our mind, but if you tell us the negative effects of sex at a young age, we might not be as tempted to have sex.

Put your life first, then your love life.

So in conclusion, tell us more about the negative effects and less on how all we have are sexual urges.

I’m a 15-year-old boy/guy and I have had a sexual attraction to a few girls, but I stopped those thoughts, because of teen pregnancies. Teenagers, think about it: you have sex; girl falls pregnant; the girl has to drop out of school to take care of the child; guys might drop out too so they can help. Now you've thrown away your education and also, what happens if you two break up? The girl is left with the child, the guy moves on, that girl could have had the best education, but that guy ruined it.

Wait until you're out of school and you are sure that you've found the one, then wait awhile... then maybe...

My mom said: "After you turn 24", and I agree because by then, I should have my life together, but right now is not a good plan, because us teenagers are mostly at school and we don't fully know what we want to do yet. So wait until you are done with school and you know what you want to do in life.

Put your life first, then your love life.


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