Reach Out!

By LifeworX · Oct. 6, 2017 · Advice · 3 min read

Reach out.

So as it turns out, I wanted to share something with you that has become something so big and definitely life changing.

I have made it my business to reach out.  By this, I mean: always making myself available to listen and engage with people.  It seems that the more I have practiced this, the easier it has become and the more I have begun to enjoy the differences of the people around me.  I have enjoyed their differences as well as mine and it has become so amazing to interact and engage with.

Being available to do this has helped me realize, that all through life these people have been available to me.  While I was growing up, life felt like a huge mountain to climb.  It almost felt impossible to get over the next hurdle that lay before me.  Sharing stories and life experiences and enjoying other peoples differences has taught me a very valuable lesson. One I would like to share with you is that no matter how different we really are, we are actually all the same.  We all have doubts and insecurities and they may come in different forms but somewhere along the line, we have all had those same feelings.

Fear is not exclusive to anyone.  There has been a time in all our lives where we have had fear and we have had to learn to handle it and deal with it.  There are just so many things that make us all similar. This in its own crazy way is quite comforting. My advice to you is: just go out and find the right support and safe space to talk and share, as this allows for personal growth and understanding. So the next chance you get REACH OUT.  Get to know the people around you and enjoy their similarities and their differences.  Embrace and enjoy learning and living, you are not alone in this world if you just learn to REACH OUT.

For a lot of us we spend most of our lives trying to show the people around us that we are bullet proof and untouchable.  We are defensive and protective and really what we are doing is isolating ourselves from the very people we want in our lives. So once again, reach out and see where this takes you, you may be pleasantly surprised by the reaction of others who may even reach straight back.  We need to break the barriers down and start enjoying what relationships have to offer us.  These relationships come in many shapes and forms and that just makes the effort all more worthwhile. 

The spice of life is variety at its best.

So from learning how to just reach out one needs to learn to REACH IN.

Sometimes we need to go deep into ourselves and reveal bits and pieces that we once thought would show our weaknesses.  From most of my experiences doing this opens a whole new world.  People begin to open up and share too and new and meaningful relationships start forming.

Don’t be afraid to share and communicate your stories along the way of life.  If you are not sure what to share and need the confidence to do just this, then start by asking others about themselves.  You will soon figure out what needs to come next.

Go ahead reach in and then reach out. There is a whole world waiting for you to grab.  So grab it with both hands so that you can become involved with life, love and everything in-between.


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