30 Things to start doing for yourself

By LifeworX · April 2, 2018 · Advice · 3 min read

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It is time to start doing things for yourself. No guilt and no regrets. You owe it to yourself to enjoy your life and yourself. As long as you are not hurting anyone doing this... Why not?

1. Take responsibility for your life – every day.

2. Start spending time with the people that matter most to you.

3. Make an action plan for the things you want done – and do it.

4. Stop pretending and start being honest with yourself – really honest.

5. Find things that make you happy and do them – a lot.

6. Start being that person that you have always wanted to be - genuinely.

7. Make living in the moment count for something – or don’t bother.

8. Let gratitude become your attitude - daily.

9. Make sure that you are preparing for the next step - then and take it.

10. Be vigilant when going into any new relationships.

11. Don’t be scared to give someone another chance – it often pays off.

12. Acknowledge the people around you – don’t just keep it to yourself.

13. Find something good in situations that are out of your control.

14. Always be willing to help others – but not to your detriment.

15. Learn to forgive to lighten your load – even if it's yourself.

16. Start trusting your intuition/gut feeling more – or it will leave you.

17. Give yourself a break when you know you need it.

18. Learn to think, feel and act in the moment.

19. Accept things and people that are less than perfect.

20. Start concentrating and focusing on the things you can control.

21. Know that you are in the right place at the right time.

22. Start living/loving the things you are most passionate about.

23. Learn to take a chance every now and then.

24. Always know that you can control your mind to thinking more positively.

25. Make what you want to change a part of your daily life.

26. Get in touch with your inner coach its always there.

27. Know that a new perception is really good for you.

28. Realise that making life is also very important and also up to you.

29. Getting to know yourself is a priority that never ends.

30. Find out what is and isn’t important to you and don’t waste your precious time on.


This means: "Think How I Feel Today".

We are wired to do things over and over.

Positive shift is a chance for growth.

“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.”

5 Reasons Why the Shift is Good for YOU

1. The shift will help you grow personally and in turn that will be a natural progression for your life.

2. The shift will make you more flexible to the changes.

3. The shift will challenge your values and beliefs and you will gain new and different perspectives.

4. The shift gives you an opportunity to reevaluate your current situation.

5. The Shift will certainly uncover and reveal your strengths.

6. The shift will break up routines and familiarities.

7. The shift will offer up new opportunities.

8. The shift will test you and teach you strength and resilience.

9. The shift will give you a chance to practice new things and this will make you get good at them.

10. The shift will create a new platform for a new beginning.

People are scared that they will lose something that they value or believe in and you are going to help them see it differently.


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