What Exactly Is Personal Development (PD)

By LifeworX · Aug. 26, 2018 · Advice · 3 min read

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 It has been a while now that I have been using the phrase Personal Development. To make more sense of it means thinking about just how to actually do it and get it right. To find what works for you personally is important too.  For many people reading copious amounts of literature is the answer.  For others, it is watching endless YouTube and TED talks.  Some people like talking and choose to sit with a counsellor, life coach, pastor, psychologist or just anyone that will listen.  PD to me is when you know in your heart of hearts that you are better than before.  No matter what we are talking about, as long as you know you have improved on something in your life.

It is hard for me to imagine that people never want to be better than they are. They tend to settle for complacency because they think it is too much effort to work on themselves.  It is actually less scary than you think and most definitely, with some good tips, it is actually easy.  It is one thing wanting change but not really understanding where to start.  So I will give you a few pointers to help you get on your way.  The only thing you need to promise yourself is to actually practise the things that are going to make the change in your life.  You can’t change anything for someone else. So unless you want your life to change or you want to feel like you are in the PD zone then you need to want the changes.

Firstly, sit down and write some priorities down. Here are a few personal and professional ones that you may want to tackle.  If they resonate with you tick them off and then possibly add some of your own.

10 Priorities

  1. Get your relationship with yourself in a positive space so that you can change the things you need to.
  2. Make sure your relationships with the people in your life have your full attention.
  3. Get your work and personal goals written down so that you have it somewhere to check it.
  4. Find a way to prioritise your finances so that you are not constantly stressed.
  5. Evaluate your health situation.  A healthy body has a good chance with a healthy mind.
  6. Get in touch with your spiritual/religious self so that you don’t have to do everything alone.
  7. Get your work up to date so that it doesn’t eat away at you and stress you out.
  8. Surround yourself with the right people so that you have the support you need.
  9. Find ways to help others, because there is nothing like paying it forwards.
  10. Make PD part of your daily life.

Once you have made the decision to work on yourself and your PD, you will put yourself into a different zone altogether.  You will be focused on the positive things in your life.  You will start to unpack all the negative things  In your life, the things that have held you back until now. 

You will also be ready to declutter all the limiting things in your life and realise that you can take control back of your life and how it operates.  Be serious about this and you will realise, that personal development starts with knowing what you need to focus and work on. Never get tired of wanting the best from yourself and always try to be better at being better. 

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