Don’t Spiral

By Guest · Sept. 14, 2018 · Advice · 3 min read

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Washed out is a feeling of being tired, having no energy, feeling drained. A definite feeling of not being in control and not being able to make productive or good decisions.

 A good wash out or all-fall-down is also good- you have gotten to the bottom now, you have lost control and cannot go further down that spiral, you need to stop and change things in order to take back your life. This tends to make you clean out the old, refocus you and possibly leave space for more new things. It does need to be a one-time thing when you really let go of the old ways and you change direction.  

Once you are at the bottom of the spiral, you need a break. An opportunity to let go, take a step back, get a different perspective on things and refocus your energies.  You need a balance back in your life.  That balance is possible between work and your private life/ sport/ hobbies/, etc.  

Too much of a good thing is bad for you.  I once heard a very good doctor say these words, “Everything in moderation”.

If your life is very one-sided and all your attention goes into one aspect, it can create problems.  You need to balance work and play out a little more so that you can keep your equilibrium.

First, you need to find out what it is that gives you pleasure.  How much sleep do you need, how much exercise would you like to do, what and when is it convenient for you to eat?  

All of this comes down to planning.  Plan your days that you will have a balance of work, play, free time, eating, socialising and relaxing.  

 Find balance in your life and make a plan to keep that balance.  Life does happen, but when your balance is skewed in one way, make a concerted effort to right the ship and get back on track and balance your life out the other way. Make allowances for changes, take control of your life, do not lose focus on the balance and make concerted efforts to keep your ship sailing smoothly.  

My recipe for that:

Wake up early, and ride/ run with friends

Be prepared for the day – mentally ( know what you want to achieve today) and physically (plan healthy meals and a time to have them)

If things get hectic at work – do one thing at a time.  Order your workload, preferably the important ones first.  Do that one thing well and finish it before you move onto the next.

Do the best you can in any and every situation.

Have a game plan and stick to it.  

Find your balance, make a plan and stick to it. Do this daily. 

When your day is done look back and be proud of what you did.

Say yes to the right things and no to the wrong things.

Be present in your life, in other words, design your own life and don’t let things happen to you by accident.

Know what you want and go and get it.


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