Questions To Balance Life

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I am sure you will agree that when you have some balance in your life you are more focused and in tune with everything around you. Having the opportunity to do new things and go to new places is possible when you have your life in perspective and a clear vision of all its aspects that make it work. Here are a few questions and tips to help you get the focus you need.  

I always tell my clients something I learned on my journey of life:” wisdom is in the question and not always in the answer”.  So I hope you can sit quietly somewhere and get these questions running through your mind.  A new perspective is a very healthy way of keeping in touch and in tune.

So here we go...

Goals and Outlooks

What are your aims?  

What would you like to achieve?

What are you satisfied with?

What are you dissatisfied with?

What kind of outlook do you have on your life?

Are you confident, relaxed, or tense and anxious? 

Do you take life seriously or do you have a sense of humour to get you through tough times?

How are you feeling today?  

Do you need a change in what you are doing and engaging with?

Are you putting the right amount of effort into what you are wanting?


Do you have any leisure activities?  If so, what?  

Does having fun and doing the things you love make you feel guilty?


What are your responsibilities at work and do they push you?

Do you see and feel growth when it comes to work?

Are you engaged with work or it is just a paycheck?

How would you describe your boss?

How would you describe the atmosphere at work?

What are your colleagues like?

Have you got the recognition you deserve?

Do you feel that there is an opportunity to become seen and noticed?

What would you say is your perfect work environment and why?

What are the good things and the bad things about your work?


Do you have more month than money?

Do you spend more than your income?

Do you live above your means?

What can you do to improve your situation?

Does money scare you or do you have a great relationship with it?

Does letting go of money make you anxious?


What kind of food do you eat?

Can you describe a typical day’s food?  Include tea, coffee, snacks etc.


Have you visited your doctor recently?  If so, what was it for?

Are you taking any medicines?

Have you had any serious illnesses or medical conditions?

Would you consider yourself fit? 

Could you run up the stairs? 

Do you take physical exercise?


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