Questions to Boggle the Mind

By LifeworX · Nov. 18, 2018 · Motivation · 1 min read

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·Do you know what your ideal vacation looks like/ where in the world it is/ who you would like to take?

·Is this in your dream world, or is it tangible?

·Have you planned this for a long time?

·Has your original idea changed?

·Are you on track to going there?


·Are you on top of your world?

·How did you get there?

·Did you need help?

·Was it an easy journey?

·How do you feel about reaching your ultimate? 

·Was it a worthwhile journey?

·Did you encounter problems and had to detour?

·Would you like to share this moment with someone?

·Now that you are here:   What now?

And if we now lower the scales a bit, let’s ask these, 


·What is it that gets you through the week? Are you looking forward to a reward, something that makes the week bearable?

·Do you have to reward yourself at the end of your day for having made it to the end?

·What keeps you motivated daily?

·What is it that you do to keep you on track in order to reach your goal? Do you have a clear plan of how you are going to get there?

·Have you figured out what it is that would put you on top of your world if you are not there yet?

·Or, alternately, if you are on top of your world, how do you stay there?

·Are you still working on your dreams or have you given up? 

·Are you settling for less than you set out for?


·What has answering all or perhaps even just some of these questions done to your motivation?

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