Addiction Reality; True Life Story

By Guest · April 14, 2017 · True Stories · 3 min read

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Note: It is really very refreshing when one of my clients offers up a true reflection of what they are going through.  I never hesitate to post this type of blog as it keeps us humble and realistic as to what is really happening out there.  What is important to me is how much support we all need in our daily lives to get through whatever it is we need help and courage to overcome and manage.

So please take a read and if you are feeling overwhelmed and alone and need to face a few things in your life don’t ever be afraid to do some soul searching.  If you need a helping hand or someone to be there to support you get hold of me.

So this is their story...

“I see my life as a large one-by-two-metre puzzle. A canvas if you may. As if it’s a door that I will be able to go through once all the pieces are in place. Wherein I have to build who and what I am with the pieces I have. I have due to my addiction issue, failed numerous times to complete this picture. It’s as if I start to build what I think I should be and what I think I should look like and how I must think and act. And then alcohol comes to falsely build courage, keep me company, destroy me and side-line me, and welcomes itself back into my life with or without invitation.

And then the door, puzzle is blank again and the pieces that I did manage to get in position lie on the floor and it makes me feel worse than ever. Then I have to start over again and doubting my previous method and effort: tackle the task at hand with new self-doubt and the constant voice reminding me of this and past failures.

I now have a partner guiding me to: first of all reach deep inside and bring forth the correct pieces of the puzzle. Not pieces that build and form an incorrect and distorted picture. Not pieces that reflect the negative and the ugly, but the pieces that will complete the real picture, the real me. It takes effort and hard work but with Anita’s guidance and constant keep it real encouragement, I find it easier on a daily basis to see a better me and also a better way to a better me.

I now form the parts of my picture with the right attitude: with a careful and well thought through process. Placing them one by one on the canvas and building a clear and distinct picture. Sometimes it all still feels like a puzzle but now instead of falling to pieces at the first sign of problems or difficult times. I look and see that there are pieces forming the bigger picture. A picture that becomes a story, a reality and a life. It will take time but I take each day as it comes and enjoy living, feeling better and being healthy and growing mentally and emotionally stronger as Anita is coaching me to do. I will complete this picture, until I can open this door and walk through – to a new adventure, a stronger me built on a rock-solid foundation of knowing that I daily choose the best for me. “

Always take time out for yourself.  Don’t deny your needs and especially don’t avoid getting help and support.  Life is not always easy but it doesn’t need to be so difficult. Get the help and support you need.

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